Mass Effect 2 Unlockables List

Various Mass Effect 2 codes, cheats, achievements and other unlockables in one overview for BioWare's epic sequel on Xbox 360 and PC.

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Nihilism3188d ago

Awesome, I don't usually use cheats until consecutive playthroughs, but after seeing that list, I might be tempted, a few extra credits wouldn't go astray...

MajestieBeast3188d ago

Dont get i get dragon armor in me2 after buying DAO?

Nihilism3188d ago

you didn't read the article did says you do

MajestieBeast3188d ago

My bad i missed it thats cool glad i got the deluxe digital edition.

3188d ago
hellboy18803188d ago

Um...does this mean that they're going to post the redemption codes so anybody can download the Terminus Armour?

I was thinking of pre-ordering at Gamestop because I want this armour. Cooler heads prevailed and decided against it.

Supa3188d ago

hellboy1880: If the Terminus Armour redemption code is a code everyone can enter into the game (not a one time use code) then yes it will be added. No one knows which of the two it is yet. But it was like that for GameSpot's Darksiders Harvester weapon, and everyone could use the code, so fingers crossed!

Stevo353187d ago

The game hasn't been released yet and we already have HACKS to enable CHEATS on this game = LAME.

Why bother?