Canadian company looks to build on wild success of 'Mass Effect' with sequel

Casey Hudson had the weight of an entire universe on his shoulders when he started his work.

Tasked with developing the sequel to the hit role-playing video game "Mass Effect," Hudson and his Canadian-based design team knew they faced a tall order. How to improve on the original by creating a story that is deeper and gameplay that is richer?

What's more, how to avoid a Part 2 letdown?

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Bigpappy3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

I knew they would deliver. I actually enjoyed the first and was looking forward to the rest of the trilogy. 360 had a really good first month with this console exclusive and the multiplats. One down, eleven to go.

With SC out of the way, I think PS3 could take next month. Good fight ahead.

Leathersoup3404d ago

Not exactly a 'Canadian' company anymore... sellouts. :P

Tony P3404d ago

Did they pack up and move out of Edmunton suddenly? Did they emigrate somewhere?

Surely you can't be talking about the fact that they are a subsidiary of a US publisher. Because that would be as silly as saying Eidos are now Japanese after their acquisition by SE.

Leathersoup3404d ago

Well the group's location itself is Canadian but the company isn't. It's much the same as Tim Horton's. They advertise the snot out of Tim Horton's as being 'Canadian' but they're owned by a US company now.

Xi3404d ago

They bought themselves back from wendy's.

They pretty much pulled a bungie. Technically bioware could do the same thing.

Tony P3404d ago

@Leather: Well, I guess.

I mean it's not such a big deal to me since a lot of our great "American" products come from elsewhere. As long as BioWare guys are making the games, I'll give credit to the devs and not some publisher.

Edit: Boo. Forgot to hit the reply.