A Letter To Sony

Isaiah Taylor of The Start Screen sends a letter to Sony Computer Entertainment. The rant talks about Playstation 3 has being on the upswing, but the future plans of Sony's handheld and peripheral market appears to be shooting the company in the foot. Is Sony ahead of the curb or is this constructive rant justified?

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Bungie3187d ago

great read

i Approve this article

LordMarius3187d ago

Of course YOU do!

Anyways I love how journalist pretend to know how to run a multi-billion dollar business

WildArmed3187d ago

lol don't you know that they all got their MBAs from Kellog university.
They could have been billionaires if they wanted. :)
Thats why the feel the need to give their expert advice free of cost to multi-millionaire companies like Sony, MS n Nintendo lol

kaveti66163187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

That article went from "what" to "what the f*ck" very quickly.

Shoddy online service? Really? I haven't experienced a single laggy game on Uncharted 2, as opposed to many fond memories of slide-showing my way through a Halo 3 match on XBL.

Pathetic article. At first it seems like he's going to condemn the motion control, and if that was all, then I wouldn't care, because even Sony fans have mixed feelings about it. But then... oh, but then...

"As a PS3 owner, I am pretty psyched for this year and the plans that could either result in an amazing corporate comeback or a hilarious ‘Iggy Shuffle’ into obscurity."

Somehow I highly doubt that this guy is a PS3 owner.

Also, he doesn't know how to write a coherent article. I mean, for heaven's sake, please sign up for a speech writing class, pronto. The article jumps from motion wands to PSP GO pricing to how Sony has lost its grip to how 3D is going to fail and nothing Sony has can compete with the "high caliber" technology of Natal? <--- Yes, he said high caliber.

This charade of an article, or more appropriately, a rant, has no merit. Forgive me for being too lazy to start my own web column, because although I don't like to brag, I think I would write something a little more useful, and stimulating.

Anon19743187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Right out of the gate. "Sony still isn’t making money off of the PS3."
Really? News to Sony. Just in September, in a conference call their CEO said the costs to make a PS3 had come down 70% since launch, putting it at roughly $240 to make. Kaz also stated just before the launch of the slim that the PS3, as a platform had been profitable since their last fiscal year end. The link to the Isupply site is great and all - but they just look at the hardware breakdown. They have no idea the manufacturing agreements Sony has entered into. And considering Sony is on record saying the PS3 makes money it's time to let this myth die. Even if Isupply was correct in their assumptions, Sony doesn't charge the same amount in all regions.

Then this mook goes on to describe the PSN as shoddy. I stopped reading at that point. I could just as easily say Honda makes shoddy cars, but at some point I'd have to have some reasoning. This guy doesn't even bother to explain himself. If he can't be bothered to back up his arguments, why should we be bothered to read them?

I'm sure the author means well. I do my own editorials on my site from time to time. He did take the time to write that uninformed, opinionated rant so obviously he's interested in the topic but simple rants with no backup have no business on a site that is supposed to be dedicated to news. At least try to make it about something newsworthy. Expressing your opinion without bothering to back it up or offer anything new should simply be regulated to a blog post.

Save yourself some time. This isn't newsworthy. Just the fact that Bungie is endorsing it above should clue you into the worth of this article. The author won't even give his name in this shoddy blog. For sure the 360 brigade will force this through though.

Every single last person who approved this should have their contributer status taken away. It's these people that make the rest of us have to wade through meaningless blog after meaningless blog on N4G to actually get to anything of substance.

Raf1k13187d ago

This guy is going all over the place as if he keeps forgetting what points he's trying to make.

prabx3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

i literally LOL at this bungie dude.

But anyway, even I can write a letter to a company.. e.g. Microsoft but will it get the same love by its fanboys?

clinker3187d ago

Actually, Sony still is losing money on PS3 hardware, but not as much as before. A recent iSupply report showed that the PS3 Slim costs about $330 USD to manufacture. You can read more details here:

ryuzu3187d ago

A lot of people, just regular people, take the time to analyse Sony's performance - they don't bother so much with MS.

I guess people just don't have that feeling of being part of something in the 360 "community" (which is a very loose way of describing the assorted, homophobes, racists and red necks prevalent on it) - it's just the next tea bag you can give.

Playstation brand inspires more devotion and interest it seems.


Saaking3187d ago

Sony is the ONLY console maker to sell OVER 100 million consoles not once, but TWICE. Together, the Xbox and 360 have sold around 60 million. That's just a little bit over a half of the PS ONE. I'm sure Sony knows very well what they're doing.

heroicjanitor3187d ago

He did mention iSuppli, but their report only show what it would cost if i went out to buy all of the individual pieces. Sony can get things much cheaper through manufacturing deals and buying a lot at once.

KILLERAPP3187d ago

Hey bungie what is your gamer tag on the, PSN and Life?

davekaos3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Bungie - Your an idiot
The guy who wrote this - Your an idiot
The N4G staff who approved this - Your an idiot

Nuff said

Anon19743187d ago

I saw iSupply's opinion on the PS3's price, but Sony has already told us it costs $240 to make the PS3, and Kaz himself publically stated the PS3 as a platform is profitable.

I'm not saying ISupply is wrong, but don't you think if Sony's CEO Nobuyuki Oneda, is telling investors in their conference call that the cost of making the PS3 has come down roughly 70% since launch, which would put it at roughly $240 that this should probably be the strongest authority on the matter?

I mean, who knows if Isupply is right or not? It's not like Sony or Microsoft address the issue and say "Yeah! They got it bang on!" We have no idea. We do know that corporate CEO's have a responsibility to their investors, and if they make misleading or false statements they are held accountable. Who holds Isupply accountable? If they're off, they just revise their numbers.

feelintheflow3187d ago

Just like how I love how every person on N4G acts like they are smarter than the multi billion dollar companies. LOL Oh yeah and how so many "insiders" and people who work for developers and have family who work for developers are hanging in N4G all the time..

madpuppy3187d ago

"Is Sony ahead of the curb or is this constructive rant justified?"

It's "ahead of the curve"

It's a common mistake...still makes no sense though.

Bathyj3187d ago

Im not even gonna read this. I dont have to.

I'll simply say people have whinned about just about every step Sony has taken in this industry in the past 15 years, an Industry, lets not forget, they were new to.

And just about even step they've taken, in the long run has turned out to be the right one. In fact the only big mistake I think they've made aside from a little arrogance which was blown out of proportion like everything else was firing Ken.

I'm going to go out on limb here and suggest they know more about what they are doing then anyone whose ever attacked them,
and that includes you,
and you,
and you,
and you......

Guido3187d ago

It's no wonder people like Bungie approved this dribble, it's full of lies and FUD about the PS3... Whodathunkit?

Sorry, but articles like this make you look like a douche bag for even approving of them. Thanks for coming clean...

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Agent Smith3187d ago

Lol, like Sony's actually going to read this guy's letter.

Sony Exec 1: "Hey, someone sent us a letter."
Sony Exec 2: "Yeah? Who is it?"
Sony Exec 1: "Some dumbass."
*Burns letter*

kaveti66163187d ago

As if a predominantly Japanese company that follows the Japanese philosophy of business would lend an ear to some money-minded American on the internet.

Bigpappy3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Why do you have to attack Americans. You think Japanese companies do not operated for profit, but for the love of PS3 owners? That is the most dumb thing you could write. Did you even realize that most of the PS3 fanboys on this site are American and that you are insulting them? Why do you think they sell their products to American? Its for profit you nut case.

kaveti66163187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I'm an American, you twit.

And no matter what you say, there is an objectively distinct dichotomy between American business methodology and Japanese business methodology.

Japanese business methodology developed after World War 2 when the Japanese government urged Japanese corporations to provide employment guarantees and avoid lay-offs until absolutely necessary.

The Japanese also understood that they had been set back because of the economic disaster that followed in the wake of the war, and their only way to compete with foreign companies was to invest heavily into research and development.

American business methods have consistently proven to be focused on profiteering from low-risk, high yield ventures. The Americans invented the transistor, and the Japanese have done more with that invention than the Americans have. Did you also know that Bell Labs (later AT&T) didn't even want to utilize transistors in their products because they were making plenty of money from using crappy, inferior vacuum tubes?

If you don't believe me, then go research the overall income of an American business CEO, including his salary, stock options, company royalties, and health benefits. Then compare that to the overall income of a Japanese business CEO. You will find that Japanese business executives don't make that much more money than their subordinate employees.

American corporations are corrupt and monetarily stratified.

Japanese tech companies like Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic often dump a large portion of their revenue into Research and Development programs so they can continue to pioneer in technology.

So, again, why the hell would a Japanese executive, working for a predominantly Japanese company, lend an ear to a money-minded American ignoramus on the internet?

Feel offended if you wish. I wasn't criticizing the American, I was criticizing the American business methods that pervade the minds of the corporate fat cats who care more about their Summer homes in Cancun than their employees.

PopEmUp3187d ago

kaveti6616 owned you pretty badly XD

Bigpappy3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

But, you are wrong to bring this argument up in this forum, because you didn't like that the article criticizing the wand. Being an American does not give you the right to dismiss what ever someone you believe to be American has to say and place them all in this theoretical judgement group when you don't even know them. I hear this from the PS3 crowd all the time. They are quick to label M$ as evil and Sony as good only because they are an American company. For a company that is American, I don't M$ employee complaining and running over to japanese companies that are right here in America competing for the same evil money. You are a smart guy. But your generalization is just wrong. There are some serious a'holes in American business, but I am sure they are some in all countries. Being born American or Japanese does not exempt or include you in a specific moral grouping. This article had nothing to do with your rant.

Bathyj3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Only he didnt write that, or even imply it.

You did.

And yes I do think Sony cares more about happy customers than M$ because the Japanese way of doing business is looking at the longterm. M$ has never been scared to deliberately screwing customers for short tern gains.

C'mon, no one can seriously argue with that can they, its as true as water is wet.

Ravage273187d ago

that was very insightful

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GarandShooter3187d ago

'Is Sony ahead of the curb or is this constructive rant justified?'

Are you the genius who didn't know that 'someone is ahead of the curve', not the 'curb'? LOL

And you want us to take the rest of your drivel seriously? Right.

snaz273187d ago

he says sony arent making money of the ps3? what you mean the hardware, or the entire ps3 devision? i mean surely with home, the games they sell, the movies they sell (on the store) etc they are making money, even if they do lose money on the hardware... motion controls, they dont really interest me, but i reckon my mrs and kids would love em, might make them stop asking me for a wii! so good on sony as far as im concerned lol... 3D not interesting? dude come on im very interested in that! yes its gonna be exspensive AT FIRST but prices will come down! look at blu ray! hell even look at the ps3 itself, people slated it because of price (even though it was well worth the money) now its cheap as chips relatively, for instance how much is an iphone? oh and newsflash, there are tvs that DONT require you to wear glasses, how they stack up to the ones that require glasses is unknown but hey well soon find out, sony likes to be ahead of the game, and its not just sony pushing 3D, even sky are!

snaz273187d ago

the psp go! in a way im glad sony tried it just so that it shows em people dont want download only gaming! so that they dont get any funny ideas about doing it to my ps4! lol... man download only would make competition void and we would all end up paying silly money for games, like maybe the rrp! and feck that... also you couldnt trade games in either... but if i was this guy id hold off from sending the letter, unless you want sony to have a good laugh at your exspence lol.

snaz273187d ago

does the person who disagrees care to add anything to their button press? not bothered that you disagree, but would genuinely like to know your reasons why?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

THANK YOU!!! For giving me 'AAA' Games for the last 14 years+ ;-P
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! And ignore these RETARDS on the internet!!! ;-D
I wouldn't wipe my @SS with them!!! ;-D

Meryl3187d ago

quick make a proper one, so us real ps3 fans, who appreciate them and sign it
The only thing sony need to do is make a nunchuck like device for the arc, that would make it so much easier to use, none the less i shall give it a chance because i actually like motion controls on the wii, so i think i will like sony's idea just fine.

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