Call of Juarez - the best textures on Xbox 360 so far?

A member of the Neogaf forums has posted up some of the textures evident in Call of Juarez for Xbox 360, they look very realistic, so much so that they are being hailed as the most realistic textures on the 360 to date - what do you think?

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SmokeyMcBear4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

does this include the incredibly shiny boulders?


Hey i thought you ignored me you hypocrite, and yeah, i seee shiny rocks all the time in direct sunlight, the super advanced boulders

power of Green 4735d ago

Depends on what the sky is doing if the Sun is glaring of them or if the Sun is being blocked by cloud cover(its that advanced)lol.

TheExecutive4735d ago

lol yeah... boulders arent as shiny as the 360 would like you to believe (well most at least) granite and limestone just dont shine like glass. But it still looks cool, which is what counts.

original seed4735d ago

But i loved this game sooo much

power of Green 4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Man i was thinking the same thing while looking at rock on hill sides up close on a HDTV looks real the layering texturing and shodowing Plus lighting are top-notch.

(((#3.1))) these screens are like watching a movie on a old TV with rabbit ears vs the same movie remastered and viewing it in HD in comparison. The game isn't all dull, dark and blue. I can't find any pics that come close to the real thing but i promise you its up there with Mass-Effect charector detail with texturing better than GoW in areas.

Lord Anubis4735d ago

I would have to see it on an HDTV because right now I just dont see it :(

THWIP4735d ago

...yes, COJ is the best looking game on the 360.

Satanas4735d ago

2nd picture's tree texture is very good. I wish they had bigger/more pictures!

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The story is too old to be commented.