Information About the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Now Live

At the German official site of Battlefield Bad Company 2, information about the beta is now live.

Beta Period: 28 January - 25 February 2010
Mapname: Port Valdez
Number of Players: 32
Game Mode: Rush
Area: Snow
Theme: vehicles and infantry

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Mista T3409d ago

I wish I had a good PC for this game, I own an xbox and PS3 but I would rather play this on a PC :(

rawrockkillz3408d ago

You should totally look into it. I moved to PC 3 years ago and I am very glad I did.

GamerPS3603408d ago

I have 2 PC both capable to max it with 5970 dx11 with Phenom II 940 @ 3.6 in one and gtx 280 sli dx10 with PhenomII 720, 4th core unlocked @3.4 on other. But, I got one hooked up with TV and another one with monitor. I have spent so much money for this game. It better meet my expectation or I will never ever touch another PC game.

rawrockkillz3408d ago

WOW! I wish I had just one of those lol.

dirthurts3408d ago

Why would you not touch another pc game if a single developer let's you down with a single title? That doesn't make much sense...

But anywho. Yeah I'm totally stoked about the game. Played the PS3 beta and the controls where the suck...but PC cures that. I hope I get into the pc beta as well.

GamerPS3603408d ago

There are many great PC games but I never anticipated any game like this for a long long time to play online. Many games has let me down, specially online play on recent released games. This is my only hope.

dirthurts3408d ago

I hope it comes out and surpasses your expectations. For all of us. Time will tell, however there will always be something new roll around that will be better.

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xg-ei8ht3408d ago


You mean you sucked at the controls. no biggie. most pc players would suck with DS3 or 360 controller.

I did at first, considering i've spent most of my gaming years on PC, playing bf1942,bfvietnam,bf2,q3,etc.

But i have enough of a decent system to play on and also PS3,360.

I've not even made up my mind what system to buy it on.

But the game was excellent and played all through the beta on the PS3.

ColdFire3408d ago

I think PC is a given for BFBC2, more players, better controls (can also use controller), better graphics...

divideby03408d ago

I just watched the 4*4 and it looked way better than the beta I played in a month ago...not sure if its because of the size, but the gameplay looked much better

herukuti3408d ago

yeah the latest videos i saw seem like they improved the hit detection; to the point where you dont have to be a medic to slay 3 to 4 people in a row with one clip.