Kotaku: MLB 2K10 Preview: Battling Back to Even the Count

Kotaku writes: "2K Sports' baseball franchise, maybe more than any other sports title, will have this year's title judged against and compared to last year's offering, and not for its good qualities.

It's hard to tell whether last year's MLB 2K9 - one of the worst-reviewed (and deservedly so) games ever for this class of sports simulation - raises or lowers consumer expectations for MLB 2K10. 2K9 suffered from glitches, clipping, bizarre baserunning and fielding AI, and, frankly, unacceptable graphics, especially in the player modeling. Conditioned to expect subtle changes in the fundamentals of year-to-year sports titles, I really didn't know what to expect. A set of drastic changes could bomb just as badly as ones tone-deaf to last year's problems."

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