Mass Effect 2's Commander Shepard Hopes You Will Hear Her Voice

O.G. writes "Jennifer Hale is the voice of the main character for one of the biggest games this year, Mass Effect 2. Sad thing is that most gamers will not hear a second of her voice. I talk to Jennifer about her role as the female Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series, her time as Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear Solid series, and a few subtle hints about her latest project, Star Wars: The Old Republic."

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Myst3407d ago

Pretty nice interview and can't wait to hear her voice in ME2. Also found out that a store near me is actually doing a midnight release which is rare.

Rockox3407d ago

I'm importing my ME1 level 60 female Shep into ME2. Jennifer Hale is awesome. There aren't enough opportunities to play strong women in games, so whenever given the chance in RPG's, I go with the girl.

lord_of_balrogs3407d ago

I'll play through with both.

Myst3407d ago

@Rock: Same importing mine as well.

@Lord: That's what I plan to do this time around as well, I did it for the first for a bit; but I want to try the feature they have in ME2 if you don't have a save file.

TehStubit3407d ago

My philosophy is if I'm going to be staring at a piece of ass running around in front of me for 20-40 hours it might as well be a female piece of ass. ;)

Nihilism3407d ago

I was a Jane Shepard last time, and will be this time too, the voice work was awesome in ME1

Rockox3407d ago

@ Nuri. My first game will be with my imported female Shep, but I'm also interested in trying out the "brand new, start from scratch" character they make for you, too. Just to see what the differences are. I played the first one about four or five times, I imagine this won't be any different.

Sunny_D3407d ago

I think the reason why most gamers play as the male version is because of how EA themselves portray him in their ads and on the boxart as well.

Christopher3407d ago

Will be playing my female Shephard first since that's what I have on my PC. Male Shepard will follow with no import for him.

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Timesplitter143407d ago

I'm sure many people make a female shepard. Maybe even more than male shepards

Bigpappy3407d ago

Most men do not play as female characters.

Timesplitter143407d ago (Edited 3407d ago )

A simple observation on forums and MMOs could prove otherwise.

Men also love to look at asses, you know. Female asses.

PrimordialSoupBase3407d ago

Bioware games are generally more interesting from the female perspective so I don't doubt it.

monkey6023407d ago

When it comes to horror type games I have a tradition of taking a liking to playing as the female

I never played the first ME as a female, Dont know why now that I think of it

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mistajeff3407d ago

Oh snap! I had no idea Naomi Hunter was the female shepard's voice. She's probably way better than the relatively flat male shepard.

Gurney Halleck3407d ago

Shes the only Shepard I ever want to hear.

LONEWOLF2313407d ago

Nice! Wish i still had my ME1 game save.........:(
I too used the female version of Shepard in the first one.