Beta Trials For "Many Exciting PS3 Games" Lined Up For 2010

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, MAG, and most recently for Europe ModNation Racers had public beta trials. Apparently, Sony has a lot more of those planned for this year.

The UK PlayStation portal says, "Don't worry if you missed out [on the ModNation Racers beta] – there will be other beta trials for many exciting PlayStation 3 titles within 2010, so keep checking for information as it comes to make sure you're up to date on the latest opportunities."

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LordMarius3407d ago

I just want to get in on the Resistance 3 Beta, gotta make sure they made it more like RFOM than R2

mhmm I cant remember any other multiplayer games for this year

Nitrowolf23407d ago

DC Universe, FF14, possible a R3 beta, thats all i know mybe Agent

SixTwoTwo3407d ago

This game wlll be huge =)

WildArmed3407d ago

Yeah I'm betting on R3/DC online/FF14/ Agency.. and the other free MMO that they are launching for the ps3 among others.

Sevir043407d ago

Resistance 3, They may secure Dead Space 2 Multiplayer beta, the same way They secured the Battlefield bad company 2 beta, then i can also think of Medal Of Honor: Afghanistan beta, Final Fantasy 14 online is already in beta on PC and the PS3 edition Beta is underway, the Agency and DC online will also have a Beta test, but to be honest, out of those 2 games i really only care for the AGENCY and if Lighthouse interactive is hard at work then Starhawk beta is in works. it'll be pretty interesting because i want to beta test just about all of them to see if it's worth my money. ^^