Swanni: How HD DVD Can Survive

The high-def guru offers some advice for the high-def DVD format.

Phillip Swann, president of, says that HD DVD, the high-def DVD format, is now a long-shot to survive in its battle against Blu-ray.

Swanni makes this assessment after today's news that Blockbuster will carry Blu-ray discs exclusively in about 1,450 stores nationwide.

However, in a new video posted at, Swanni offers three actions that HD DVD supporters can take to continue to compete in the high-def DVD category.

They are:

1. Make a similar Blockbuster deal with another video retailer, such as Hollywood Video, or an online rental site, such as NetFlix.

2. Persuade one of the four major Hollywood studios that now support Blu-ray exclusively to back HD DVD.

3. Lower the price of the entry-level Toshiba HD DVD player to $99. (It's now $299; Toshiba is the leading supporter of the HD DVD format.)

In the video, Swanni says HD DVD is a long-shot to survive unless it can pull off at least one of the three actions in the coming months.

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ITR4734d ago

1. If they make a deal it will be with Movie Gallery which owns Hollywood Video.
MG is sortof the king of the SE area.

2. For studios I would go after Fox and/or Disney. (Just getting them to go dual formats would be good enough)

3. $99 is kinda low. $150-199 sounds about right to me.

XxZxX4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

The plan will works if you think Blu-ray marketing group will just stand still, do nothing and let HD-DVD do all the works. Now It looks to me the other way round. Blu-ray is pushing harder than HD-DVD.

PS3n3604733d ago

Blu ray marketing has been way more effective lately. I dont know what the idiots backing hd dvd have been doing but obviously not enough. They dropped the ball on this one.

drtysouf214734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Hmmm with the new advantage that blu-ray has i think they are going to do everything in their power to secure a victory. The industry will see that blockbuster one of the largest movie rental retailers is backing them and they will start to follow I don't think HD DVD has a chance anymore.

Adamalicious4734d ago

I think the title is very apt - how HD-DVD can survive, not win.

xfrgtr4734d ago

Exactly,HDDVD is on life support right know

Diselage4734d ago

This is stuff HD-DVD should've been doing all along and if they havn't already done it they probably won't.

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The story is too old to be commented.