A Look Ahead: Upcoming Wii Titles for 2010 takes a look at 35 games guaranteed to break your wallet this year, all for the Nintendo Wii.

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Braineater24483241d ago

Only about 5 titles on here that look good to me...

pcz3240d ago

It seems like there is no quality control on that list.

iforgotmylogin3240d ago

i agree i was just about to say the same.

quality controlled this list has about 10 good games rest are C+/b- offerings and passive ware

bmw693241d ago

Metroid: Other M is easily my most anticipated Wii game...

Hisiru3241d ago

Same here. Zelda will probably be a better game but my most anticipated game is Metroid Other M.

O-D-C3241d ago

Very nice list, 2010 will be huge!

Spectator13241d ago

Lost in Shadow looks interesting :o

naznatips3241d ago

Not a bad list. I'm looking forward to about 10 of those.

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The story is too old to be commented.