Earthworm Jim put "on hold"

Earthworm Jim for PSP appears to have been canned ... for now. Alissa Bell from Atari, who commented: "I believe EWJ is off the roster. May be revisited in the future, but the title is, as I hear it, on hold." Hopefully, this isn't the end of Earthworm Jim on PSP.

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iceice1234734d ago

Great classic game, loved the series.

MK_Red4734d ago

Dammit, Why? I loved original Jim1&2 on Genesis and after horrible 3D one, this was the resurrection of 2D Jim on PSP. No wonder why Atari is starting to fall... They cancel great titles like this for what?

GamerMan4734d ago

A great title like this I would love to have on the go.. I still have my genesis version so I'm set at home but traveling this would of been awesome to have had with me.. guess atari really sucks ... LOL oh well ... there is always next year for getting hopes up about another game and it getting cancelled. :P

iceice1234734d ago

He report this for being lame? It's news on a game delay... Must not be a fan of the series and if so stop being biased.

DarkestHour004734d ago

I was wondering the same thing...maybe it is because it is from pspfanboy. The fanboy string of sites have been known to lie but only to the favor of the system they love. And well this is bad news for there system so i don't see it being a lie.

MK_Red4733d ago

PSP needs these types of classics and if its a good game, Jim could become new mascot for PSP.