Bonus Round 401 Part 2: Heavy Rain & No More Heroes 2


"Why are there so many huge titles coming out in the first couple months of 2010? In this season premiere of Bonus Round, our fan favorite experts dissect the major releases of Q1 2010 and why so many games got pushed to the beginning of this year. Will Mass Effect 2 be the biggest Q1 release? What about Final Fantasy XIII - can it appeal to a new generation of consoles? All that, plus more of quotable banter you've come to expect in this brand new episode! "

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Blaze9293187d ago

That, is a very good question. Like Pokemon this year, "Gotta Buy 'Em All!"

Socomer 19793187d ago

I mean I could careless about companies.
All I care about is getting my game.
I don't care If my game sits on a shelf for 6 months until I'm ready to buy it as long as it's available to me.

Seems like all hammy sites have Jack balls to talk about.
How about some mag info?
That's the game I'm getting next week & please don't give me zippers finacial records.
For the love of god it's a videogame. I'm buying it for my entertainment & that doesn't involve looking at sony's portfolio. FCK!

dgroundwater3187d ago

He sounds like a great guy! I actually love his opinions here. Couldn't agree more with almost everything he said.