Aliens vs. Predator: Marines Campaign - First ten minutes

Aliens vs. Predator video shows the first ten minutes from the marines campaign.

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kaelix3241d ago

reminds me of doom. can't wait for this game x3

Nambassa3241d ago

It actually looks really good. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Rockox3241d ago

It looks like they nailed the look and feel of the second Alien movie. I can't wait for this!

The sound of the motion tracker is awesome.

sam22363241d ago

Goddamn, this is looking awesome! I can't wait!!

redsquad3241d ago

Looks rather slick, and could well be an early buy for me.

I wish they'd have the nerve to redesign the Marine gear and weapons to show some kind of evolution though. Basing everything on what was seen in the film does get a little boring.

Storm233241d ago

This game definitely has some potential. Can't wait to play the finished product. Hope all the versions turn out spectacular.