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Video Game Warzone #74

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "On this episode we argue whether graphics beauty is a matter of opinion or fact. Bitbag fan bpac1234 thinks that just because a game has a higher polygon count or better textures, that it's actually better graphically then a game with a lower polygon count or textures. It's all subjective. We all have different tastes. Also on this show:

Mass Effect 2
Dark Void
Sony moving motion controls back
Final Fantasy and GOW special editions
MAG who's getting it and what faction
Capcom/Microsoft Announcement


MC Koob
'For The Horde – Instrumental'"

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ThatCanadianGuy3431d ago

See, even tho i don't listen to the warzone or HHG..

I can at least give props to Torrence for using a normal headline.
"Video Game Warzone #74" A nice, simple, sober headline.Is it so hard to do that HHG?

bpac1234567893431d ago

this may be a more respectable title but watch how many views this article gets compared to HipHop's. Inorder to get views these days you have to have a catchy headline and controversy is normally the best way to draw people to your article. It might be unfortunate but that's the way it is. It doesn't matter how good your content is if it doesn't have a good title than people won't pay attention.

ThatCanadianGuy3431d ago

Oh i certainly agree.And it is sad when you think about it.

But look at the amount of hate HHG gets every time he uses those damn headlines.Sure, he gets more attention, at the cost of his dignity.

Warzone may not get the same kind of attention, but is that the kind of attention torrence even wants? I'm sure page views and site hits can't possibly be worth your self-respect, at least not in the long run.

Lifendz3431d ago

Between Killzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 I have all the FPS games I need. BTW if you still play KZ2 please hit me up on PSN (PSN: Lifendz).

And I'm not knocking MAG. I'm sure it'll be a fun game. But is Sony releasing it with a headset ala Warhawk? This is a game where I think I want everyone to have a headset on while playing. Also, how can I trust that guys will work together and follow orders? YEah I know the points work out in your favor if you work as a team, but you know how online players are.

So I think I'll wait. The price will drop and all the real players will still be online.

bpac1234567893431d ago

Lol I still believe that graphics are an objective thing. It's something that is measurable and can be proven. For example no one will argue that uncharted 2 has better graphics than uncharted 1 even though the art style remains relatively the same. That's because the polygon count, texture resolution, draw distance, objects on screen, ext have all been increased. I tried to convince tor that hes confusing art style with graphics when he says "I think it looks better.". But that's hard to do in a chatroom where u can only use short and quick phrases to get your point across. But I'm confident that if I get my mic working I can change tor's mind.

tordavis3431d ago

Check my latest reply in the comments section.