PlayStation 3 Now In Hong Kong International Airport

E4G: When you are arriving early at the Hong Kong International airport, there is a good way to pass the time.

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mjolliffe3405d ago

Only 14 stations? Not going to amuse a lot is it :P

dkblackhawk503405d ago

Especially with the population of Hong Kong.

Bereaver3405d ago

Ohhh please, I went to Hong Kong several times in the past three years, this is two years old lol, actually, I believe the first system was put in on the launch.

A few of them behind the elevators don't get turned on anymore though, it created too much of a group where they didn't want it. Safety rules and all.

Anyway, when I first saw it, I shat bricks too. lol

ThanatosDMC3405d ago

I remember getting stranded in HK Airport for 7 hours to get back to the US. Anyway, HK airport is great. It's basically a mall and a ton of people shopping. I'm guessing the PS3s are in like an arcade section?

FarEastOrient3405d ago

Now I have an excuse for the Chinese Officials when I miss my flight the next time I'm in Hong Kong.

ravinash3405d ago

I spent a few hours in HK airport when heading back from New Zealand to the UK. i really could have done with a bit of entertainment on that stop over.

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alphakennybody3405d ago

PS3 it only does... delay your flight because the pilots are busy playing it.:P

dkblackhawk503405d ago

It will be a good flight delay if the pilots are willing to do 2 player :P

Mista T3405d ago

or some LAN so everybody can join in :P

dkblackhawk503405d ago

Or having it set on the PSN and then versing the whole population of Hong Kong. If only there were a game to fit that population lol.

irepbtown3405d ago

I don't think it will be Mag 3, maybe Mag 8.

Just Imagine 256 players in the MW2 map RUST, LMAO.
That would be epic.

ravinash3405d ago

Good way to vent your air rage.

Bubble Buddy3405d ago

The pilots should rape in Warhawk lmfao.

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BYE3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Tower: "American Airlines AA-234-0215, you don't have landing clearance! I repeat, you DON'T have landing clearance!"

Pilot: "Screw this, I'm going down NOW! I gotta get my fourth Platinum Trophy!!!"

bjornbear3405d ago

has two booths with Motorstorm Pacific Rift (i think)

it was 7 am but there were people on them constantly =P smarrt

fedex6823405d ago

Yup saw it in Paris. There were a lot of systems and a lot of people were using it pretty early in the morning.

ScarT3404d ago

They have PS3 stations. But they are demo consoles and they're VERY limited. At least they can play the installed demos.

nutbear963405d ago

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! The new Hong Kong airport? WTF!!!!!!!!!!! That airport is an empty piece of sh!te!!!!! The last time I went to New Zealand (11 times when I'm 13!!!!) we had to stop of there! And it was empty! NOTHING WAS THERE!!!!!! It was HUGE and it had pretty impressive arcitecture but it was empty!!!!! Japanese people are such nerds that they would prefer to put a PS3 in an empty airport rather than fill it with normal stuff!

irepbtown3405d ago

Empty Airport = Tons of time for you to play.
If it was full, you would just have like 2 mins of playing.
I live in England, Birmingham and when NFS undercover was being showed at our city centre, PACKED, i only had like 1 minute of playing before a person said, 'ok you had enough, let me play'.

ThanatosDMC3405d ago

HK airport was full when i was there. People seem to treat it like a mall.

DaTruth3405d ago

Japanese people aren't from Hong Kong!

spektical3405d ago

LOL i was about to say that, wow Hong Kong is in China or more exact China Tapai.. i think thats how you spell it.

VicHyper3404d ago

what exactly do Japanese have to do with filling an airport in Hong Kong? anyway, it's an awesome space to be in and anyone who is interested in architecture should visit at least once. I wish the PS3s were there when I stopped through a few years ago.

rakunado3404d ago

Japanese people and Hong Kong airports???

oh dear... i worry about the quality and intelligence of our posters these days. :S

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