No Added Sugar: Hands-on: ModNation Racers Beta

Mark test-drives United Front's combination of Mario Kart and LittleBigPlanet, and is intrigued by what he plays.

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snaz273215d ago

but i would say the loading times are a bit too long, hopefully they are working on that... and some things seem a bit daft, like when you try a hot lap, you get 6 laps, then when those are up your sent back to the modspot! why? cant i just have the option to retry without having to drive there again and go through all the loading again! also when i do a race couldnt they sent people back to the lobby to try again, instead of booting you back out to modspot, then asking if you want another race lol... all in all i like the game though, i just hope they iron these little things out... or maybe they just cant, what the hell do i know lmao.

noaddedsugar3215d ago

I have to agree on the long loading times. And this is loading from the hard drive, not a disc! Hopefully they'll sort that out.

snaz273215d ago

dont you think that its stupid they kick you out to the modspot everytime you do something? its not that i hate the modspot, but considering load time are so bad, having to load up the modspot, just so i can go back and load up the hotlap again, seems rediculous, why couldnt they do it like wipeout? everytime you race/time trial or whatever, you get the option to retry, just makes sense to me.

noaddedsugar3215d ago

Yeah it's definitely unnecessary. Maybe you'll be able to hop between modes using menus in the finished game.