World of Warcraft Hacked via Adobe Flash Exploit

If you've woken up to find that your World of Warcraft account has been suspended due to spam from gold farmers and keyloggers, or that your guild bank is suddenly drained, it's because an Adobe Flash exploit has been discovered.

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Sarick3191d ago

Flash and Silverlight are used on almost every web sight these days. You can't even search the web most of the time if they're turned off.

There seems to be to much freedom in computers memory to adequately protect from 3rd party influences.

kwyjibo3191d ago

It's a Flash v9 exploit. We're on v10 now.

Man loses account.

Blames Blizzard.

dkblackhawk503191d ago

That is what I thought too...Some people can be really stupid.

Rifkens3191d ago

Says that bug was reported 2 years ago according to them flash articles

3191d ago