The Grumpy Gamer: Are Motion Controllers the Next Big Thing?

Erik Heyl looks at whether or not motion controllers represent a paradigm shift in how we play games

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gauntletpython3215d ago

I think motion control, if done right, can still be a huge leap in gaming. The problem is that we just haven't seen it done right.

gaffyh3215d ago

I have a feeling that after this current gen, everyone will take a step back from motion control. It has been popular on the Wii, but I don't see it being anywhere near as popular with Natal, or the PlayStation Arc.

creeping judas3215d ago

Silent Hill : Shattered Dreams is the closest the Wii/motion control has come, for me to sit there and go, yeah now that's what they're talking about!!

And I could see games like Heavy Rain and Alan Wake make great use out of motion control!!!