GameZone Interviews 2K's Hogarth De La Pante on Bioshock 2 writes: "As 2010 kicks into high gear, gamers have already been treated to several great gameplay experiences. Triple-A titles are falling out of the woodwork, carrying the steam from last fall into the new year. One huge title on the docket for gamers is 2K's epic sequel, Bioshock 2. Bioshock 2 returns players to that great dystopia in the sea, Rapture, while presenting brand new story elements, weapons, plasmids, and a great new multiplayer element.

"GameZone was given the chance to sit down and talk with Hogarth De La Plante, lead environmental artist on the game, to discuss its development, design, and some of the fundamental changes that players can expect when they take the plunge back into Rapture."

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