PlayStation Deals: Pre-Order Edition

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
"2010 is looking to be the best year for the PlayStation 3 yet, with so many blockbuster exclusives and multiplatform titles to chose from. knows it's going to be tough on gamers wallets, so to help, they're offering a plethora of pre-order deals across the board on this year's most anticipated PS3 titles.

Here is a list of all available pre-order deals."

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doctorstrange3242d ago

Wish I had the money to get all those games

ftwrthtx3242d ago

Time to do some pre-ordering

Myst3242d ago

Lol liking the "Pre-order edition" article :).

Somehow someway I need to add these games to my list of pre-orders: Modnation racers ( was never in the beta, but I'd like some cartoony racing game ), Bioshock 2 ( need to go out and get the first one first though. ), Super Street Fighter IV ( Capcom is being really slow in not telling us why we should hold on to our Street Fighter IV games. So I may end up just selling it to lower the cost a bit ). Last Dragon Age Origins: Awakening ( Who knew they would already have an expansion out this fast! )

Other than that I'll have to try and figure out when to get Gran Turismo and Star Ocean.

BigPete79783242d ago

I plan on grabbing White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain, God of War Ultimate Edition, Final Fantasy XIII, and Dante's Inferno. Gah, so much money...

Lifewish3242d ago

i rarely pre-order a game unless i know its going to be in short supply (Anything NIS or Atlus) Otherwise I really see no point in pre-ordering because half of the pre-order bonuses are pretty stupid

Sev3242d ago

Sorry Mr. Cranky pants...

I mainly pre-order from Amazon because I am too busy to hit the store during the day. I like the convenience of having it arrive at my door.

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