Top 10 Unhealthy Things to Eat While Gaming

From the feature list:

"Much like everyone else, gamers need to eat. Some of us enjoy quick meals eaten sparsely between online matches and others just enjoy a handful of various snacks without ever having to put the controller down. Whatever your poison is, at the end of the day, there is no avoiding the undeniable fact that you need sustenance if you wish to continue gaming - and that handful of snack better taste damn good. After all, no gamer can survive on video games and sweaty t-shirts alone (hinting at lots of food here). Below are the top 10 things to eat while gaming; did we miss your favorites?"

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UltimaEnder3193d ago

For me it's pizza, dr pepper, starbucks, and fruit roll-ups....nice list!

-Alpha3193d ago

Oily controllers + distractions + unhealthy junk food= no thanks.

Elven63193d ago


I hate getting my control all oily, powdered, etc but I might have something to drink while I'm gaming.

NewZealander3193d ago

yeah i dont eat anything when gaming, maybe a coffee but thats it, i hate dirty controllers.

kingdavid3193d ago

You guys should try playing one handed. Tis how i adapt.

PepperJack3193d ago

i love eating crisps while gaming

UltimaEnder3193d ago

There is something about gaming and eating that just go together.....not the sticky controller thats for sure!