Treyarch Prepares For Massive Call Of Duty Release, Seeks New People To Join Team

Although Modern Warfare 2 came out just a few months ago, the game has already become the fourth best selling title of all time; that's an amazing accomplishment. So now keeping in tradition, Treyarch, another Activision studio will be developing the next game in the highly praised franchise and without a doubt the pressure is on.

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-Alpha3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

WaW just didn't rub me the same way as CoD4 or even MW2 with its boatload of mind-numbingly stupid issues did. And my God did they fail to ever manage the ridiculous power of the MP40. Regardless, it was still a fun game, but nothing near the level of Modern Warfare. I'm glad they managed to add a fun co-op though.

In a way I feel sorry for Treyarch and maybe even IW. I get the feeling that Activision is the one forcing concepts on them and it sucks. I don't want to see another CoD anytime soon. I really don't. And it's very sad to see Activision turn CoD into a Guitar Hero franchise. Call of Duty 7. I can't believe that's how far we've gotten.

But unlike the music genre, The FPS genre wont allow Activision to rule over. Guys like Guerilla Games, DICE with EA backing them up, Bungie, etc. have already outdone CoD but unfortunately I don't even think that can stop Activision considering that CoD sells like hotcakes. Bungie is the closest thing, but even though they are so much better at making a better game with more features, improvements, community support, etc. COD is still a multiplat.

That's what sucks when something goes so big-- you can stop relying on working hard and selling the game and ride sales on hype and former reputations.

TooTall193216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

We need a great FPS that catches on with the mainstream. I don't want another CoD, but it's what my friends play. Here's hoping that KZ3 or BC2 can knock CoD off the top spot. I like the Treyarch CoDs just as much as IW's. IW are full of themselves.

LukaX233216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Bring the heat. Let's see if Treyarch can make the game better than Infinity Ward themselves.

_TheSituation_3216d ago

I'd like to see Treyarch pull something out from under their hats. If they can best IW I'll be pretty proud of em. Good luck guys!

NecrumSlavery3216d ago

Hopefully Treyarch will pioneer a new engine this time. The same old engine is looking ugly an outdated.

Akagi3216d ago

Why must all your replies be long winded and redundant?

I_AM_ CANADIAN_19893215d ago

but anywho this game isnt really on my rader, medal of honor is however it looks like call of duty but way better. but call of duty has spoiled me with the cool and simple killstreak and perk system even tho the perks are pretty unbalanced and game breaking at times. seems like now any shooter that doesnt have a killstreak system im not interested as intrigued by medal of honor, and i dont think im very interested in playing a game based in vietnam....if thats what they actually go with what else besides ww1 and 2 which have been milked enough id say so. and iw has down the hole terrorist thing and medal of honor is doing it next.....seems like war games unless they start to get fictional are gunna be as overplayed as horror movies these days.......

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mjolliffe3216d ago

I can't say how much I loved World at War. It got down to the nitty gritty acts of WWII.

movements3216d ago

Yeah, World at War was big indeed... Looking forward to it man..

Fanb0y3216d ago

I felt like World At War really brought out the brutality of world war 2 - in Europe and Japan. Too bad MW2 went all hollywood.

Vietnam. Brutal. Do it Treyarch.

ottoman_2393216d ago

and it brought gore to series :)

Raoh3216d ago

too many call of duties.. they are flooding the market and with the glitches in mw2.. they are killing what could have been a truly long lasting franchise..

kagon013216d ago

Milk-age, Milk-age, Milk-age... While happy casuals are gonna go Mooing...

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