Mass Effect 2 Character Kasumi Confirmed By Bioware??

Shaun of OneLastContinue writes:

It seems that there may be some legitimacy to OneLastContinues claim that Bioware have another squad member of undefined race, named Kasumi, ready to be unleashed when Mass Effect 2 launches this week.

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Nihilism3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago ), Isn't there a character named 'Zero'...she even has her own trailers etc, I don't see how that list could be official when from memory, she was the second party member revealed

Ok it says 'known as subject zero', so maybe she has another name...

I'm very impressed that Tali and Garrus are coming back, my 2 fav characters from the first.

Jmlopezbr3187d ago

In a video I saw with her and Shepard, Shepard calls her Jack.

shaunmcilroy3187d ago

True, SuZe (as they call Jack on the forums) is indeed that person.

Kasumi however....who knows!

Dmitry Orlov3187d ago

She doesn't remember her name and they called her "Subject Zero". Later, when she escapes, she's called Jack. It kinda stuck.
In game everyone calls hers Jack. "Subject Zero" is used twice +/-1 during the game.

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washingmachine3187d ago

im surprised bioware doesnt shut down the streams on jtv,they been streaming for a week plus,the graphics look really good and seeing it played for the first time,i must say it looks awesome. bring this to ps3 in the future,please.

shaunmcilroy3187d ago

Probably wont happen until the trilogy is complete.