Aargh matey..It's a pirate

Amy Nelson at The Goozex Report details her personal experience of receiving a counterfeit ds game, as well as talking to the CMO of to see how they deal with the problem of pirated games.

After nearly a month of waiting, my new game finally arrived at my door. My first clue that something might not be entirely cool was having to sign at my door for an international package from Hong Kong. But this didn't damper my excitement for too long. Surely not every game coming out of China is counterfeit--a place with such great food can't be all bad--right? The package was opened and everything looked okay, except the case was a little different than you usually see--it was a bit bulkier--and clear. My new game was packaged in a European case but the text was all English. Hmmm. My joy was starting to fade a bit, but there was srill hope that this was, in fact, a legitimate version of Tetris Ds. Taking the cartridge out of the box, I compared it with another Ds game on hand. They were identical, with none of the issues various web searches had told me to look for (such as non-metallic pins and poorly placed stickers). If this was a pirated game, it was a good one.

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JimmyJames703190d ago

I'm very happy, and feel very fortunate, that I've never got a pirated game. Knock on wood.

JudoChinX3190d ago

Although I've never gotten a bootleg game, China has sent love with a handful of pirated movies from Ebay.

averyzoe3188d ago

After this happened, I went back and checked all my old ones to make sure I didn't have hidden pirates.