Brighthub Review - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is Eerily Good

The original Silent Hill gets a re-imaging on the Wii and the results are stellar. The game features enhanced graphics and innovative controls while keeping the eerie isolation that made the Konami original so memorable. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is now the preeminent horror title on the Wii.

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hatchimatchi3214d ago

i bought this game for the psp on saturday. It's not bad but it's really short and isn't scary in the slightest. I really liked the exploration in it but the puzzles were a bit too easy. The chase scenes were neat at first but became really annoying towards the end. I think think climax did a good job though, the psp version looks phenomenal so I can only imagine how great the wii version looks.

Sandwich Bender3214d ago

I can't speak for how it is on the PSP, but the controls on the Wii version really make it.