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RedDragan3193d ago

advertising campaign then the game more than likely sucks.

phosphor1123193d ago

Beach volleyball sequel for PSP? Really??

Rockox3193d ago

Play this game on the bus and you're guaranteed a seat all to yourself.

Darkstorn3193d ago is the best word I can think of. Very Japanese, as well.

Saaking3193d ago

Hopefully, the game will be good.

ThanatosDMC3193d ago

*fap fap fap fap*


Oh wait, a facepalm after the fapping?!

Anyway, this game... wait is this even a game??? Well, at least they're not selling it like how Gladiator with their almost naked real women.

Anon19743193d ago

Any Bayonetta players wanna share their secret?

Oh wait. No one's buying Bayonetta. My mistake.

thewhoopimen3193d ago

That advert had just about every other sentence mentioning, "sexy". Pyon Pyon... refers to the floats popping up the water.... but boob bounce isn't too far of an innuendo...

badz1493193d ago

err...the game is ACTUALLY about half naked chicks and the ads is doing exactly what it is supposed to do! it's not like this is that DOA fighting game and they advertise it with half naked chicks!

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nouman19893193d ago

Hmm, people do so much just sell their games

mimizone3193d ago

shouldn't it be moved to the PSP section?

EvilBlackCat3193d ago

i hate japanese video games ads

Razgriz3193d ago

They should release it for PS3 too. We have sixaxis, y'know lol

S M N3193d ago

that was hilarious, i will be all over the "Play with your axe" trophy

foxtheory3193d ago

Just wait until Sony comes out with the wands...

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