Dragon Ball DS 2 - a special guest confirmed

A special guest has been confirmed for Dragon Ball DS 2 who will be playable. To know the name of this character, Namco Bandai unveiled a new trailer.

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Jamegohanssj53190d ago

Can someone tell me who it is? The video won't work for me.


Brido3190d ago

Think about another manga of Akira Toriyama !

jpod3190d ago

You don't really have to think of THAT manga. The person also appears in Dragonballs, but it helps. Also, you get the OG game too?!? :o

Yi-Long3190d ago

... from the brilliantly funny manga Dr. Slump :)

And yeah, she also made a cameo in the dragonball manga and anime :)

lizard812883190d ago

when Krillin puled down Bulma's top and Master Roshi had a big nose bleed, and they way the censored it, by having her boobs cut off where the DS screens split

3190d ago