Do Achievements Ruin Videogames?

GamerNode's Tyler Cameron writes:
"I feel it's safe to assume most gamers would agree that Achievements have been a good thing for gaming. For many, Achievement collecting has become just another layer of their addictions to videogames."

"I am one of those people who collect Achievements (and to a lesser extent, Trophies). ... And it is totally addictive and fun, which is the problem."

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italianbreadman3215d ago

I can see the truth in this article, but I have for some reason been lucky enough to avoid this achievement-junkie affliction. I feel for the author.

Saaking3215d ago

Achievements and trophies, imo, add more replay value to games. I don't see them as harmful.

Blaze9293215d ago

as long as developers keep achievements/trophies out of ranked multiplayer games then it's all good. When they put them in ranked playlists you got the average "hey you guys want to boost" or like Gears of War 1, people repeating certain kinds of kills to reach that number for the achievement.

ThanatosDMC3215d ago

It doesnt ruin gaming... especially for those that dont give a crap about them like me. On that note, i dont have a single platinum trophy. But does that mean i cant kick your ass in tekken, warhawk, KZ2, etc? Yeah, i probably cant.

Prototype3215d ago

I actually miss the days of gaming before achievement/trophies mainly because I can play a game at my own pace without having to hear "oh my god you beat X game but didn't get X Trophy you suck!" My biggest headache is dealing with people who judge on gamers based on their score; not skill, dedication, likeness, but on what their trophy score is. There's one guy I work with he refuses to play a game that doesn't have 'easy' trophies because he wants to boost his gamer score; worse thing is he brags about the 3 plats he has in games I maybe have 30% trophies in yet I outperform him drastically.

The only real time I'll try for trophies if there's some sort of incentive (example Uncharted 2 plat gets you a skin) or some other type of reward outside bragging rights.

The newer generation likes the trophy/achievement system for personal reasons, I prefer just playing the game and using Trophies as a bonus, not a requirement.

evrfighter3215d ago

achievements don't ruin videogames. just the multiplayer aspect. ESPECIALLY

if teamwork is involved. You can pretty much forget about teamplay in a game that offers multiplayer achievements.

TheDudeAbides3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

There are games i HAVE TO platinum: GTA, Uncharted, God of War
In the future The Last Guardian, Mafia, Agent, GTA 5, LA Noire. I just don't know why, I feel the need to do it, probably because they're my favourites, and when there is something I can do in my fav game I'll do it.
All the rest i don't care ending up with 30-40% complete.

So I'm somewhere in between.

@Prototype, I used to judge ppl by their rank, but lately i found out their useless on my list, they play a game when it's out and never again. When I get a game a month late, they already traded it in, swapped or whatever and playing next game,

dgroundwater3215d ago

I know the feeling of "I gotta get that achievement." I replayed Double Agent and GRAW 2 more hours than I'd like to admit just for the "campaign master" achievements.

My problem is when I go to play new Wii games I feel no motivation to do unnecessary side quests / collection stuff.

HolyOrangeCows3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Achievements/trophies are fun to collect but not "addictive"

ReservoirDog3163214d ago

I can see the author's point but it isn't like that for me. Trophies gave me hours more to do. I'm not addicted or anything but if it's a challenging but reachable goal, then I'll try to get it and build up the replay factor of the game.

Good example is the $10 game Peggle. Played it for a few hours to finish the singleplayer and a bit of the multiplayer and should've been done with it. But there was a trophy for finishing all the challenge levels. That took me hours upon hours upon hours but it never stopped being fun and is now probably the most well spent $10 I ever spent. $10 for about 30 hours is money well spent and it's all cause I wanted that one simple silver trophy.

So I gotta say, I find nothing wrong with achievements and trophies.

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SlamVanderhuge3215d ago

I appreciate the bonus objectives that achievements offer, allowing me to focus on more than just the linear narrative.

nygamer283215d ago

i like achievements,i love hearing that sexi sound when i get them and they make the game last much longer(but i do hate people who brag about them)

Seven_ate_Nine3214d ago

Achievable unlocked :]

STICKzophrenic3215d ago

I don't like multiplayer based achievements for the simple fact that not everyone likes to play MP. In addition, people go out of their way to get the MP achievements, which can ruin the game for everyone else.

dalibor3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

That and the fact that it can be broken to get. Like GTA4 it's hard to get some of the online trophies for that game. Only got a couple myself.

TheDudeAbides3215d ago

I know what you mean, I got rank 10 and something-petrovic, took a lot of time

Ninji3215d ago

Trophies don't though.

ikkeweer3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

And though I'm not a trophy-junkie, some of them I just have to have.
So to me trophies/achievements are only a bonus.
Plus I'm a collector in RPG's anyway

In what way?

-MD-3215d ago

Nobody really cares about trophies, achievements are far better.

mcnablejr3215d ago

i can get trophies too
achievements > trophies.

ikkeweer3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Lol, ehm, yeah ok

@mcnablejr , ok whats wrong with trophies then? Put your finger on that.

mcnablejr3215d ago

achievements have just got something that trophies dont, simple as that.Athough its not something i can put my finger upon

Darkeyes3215d ago

Both are the same except that Trophies can show the skill of a player... When my friends go "my Gamerscore is XXXXX", I am like should I think he is great or just another person showing off (I don't won a 360 so don't know what a good score is), but with Trophies, when someone says I have 13 Platinum's, then you do know that the guy plays a lot of games.

In the end, they add re playability and that is all I care. But I am always more attracted to getting a Platinum since that shows that you have mastered a game... I don't care if it's a rip off, but at least it forces me to play the game more than once.

-MD-3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

"Of course achievments are better
If you only have a 360!"

I have both consoles but achievements are just more fun to obtain, I never *tried* getting a certain trophy in Uncharted 2 yet I'm playing Prototype on my 360 now and I'm shooting for some of the achievements.

It probably helps all of my friends own a 360 and none own a PS3 so I actually have somebody to show what I've obtained, flip it to my PS3 and I have like 3 people on my friends list. Also my Gamerscore has been accumulating since 2005 and I have no desire to restart with trophies.

Arnon3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Achievements are better because it's more of a precise accurate depiction of your overall progress to a single game, or in general. Each trophy is worth the same percentage no matter which one you obtain.

I could be comparing my trophies to a friend's trophies and while he may have more silver and gold trophies, I could have all the bronze trophies, and actually have a higher percentage than he would. Does that mean I worked harder than he did? Absolutely not.

Having a percentage is never an accurate depiction. A number is much more representative of an overall statistic. This sounds arrogant, but disagreeing with this is basically going against the laws of statistics.

All a percentage is, is an approximation. Not a true representation.

callahan093215d ago

You folks who are arguing that achievements are better than trophies are just plain and simply wrong. There's no matter of opinion about it. They're the same damn thing. You've got something you're supposed to accomplish, you accomplish it, you hear a little sound, your score goes up and you can show off to people that you accomplished that thing. There's no difference. Saying achievements are fun to achieve and trophies are not is ridiculous. Is doing a 500m wheelie on a motorcycle in GTA IV more fun on the 360 or the PS3? No. It's the same. And doing it on either console will get you a reward, be it a trophy or an achievement. It wasn't more fun to do it on one console than the other.

CernaML3215d ago

Great argument. I bet mcnablejr or Muderdolls didn't think of that. lol The only reason why I think that they think Achievements are better is because they started collecting achievements first. Every game has them and the PS3 didn't get trophies until mid 2008.

Mista T3215d ago

Achievements = Trophies

Danteh3215d ago

lol @ the people who say that "I don't know why but achievements are better".

Well... I know why, if you have been acumulating a gamescore since a long time ago and have all your friends there, of course there is no point of getting trophies.

And the other way round, if I (god forbid me) were to get a 360, I would NOT GIVE A F!CK about achievements since my trophy level is already high.

Simple huh? ^^

kneon3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Except that with trophies you get a more fine grained view of a gamers skill. With achievements a point is a point, it doesn't matter if it was an easy achievement or a hard one. You may get more points for some achievements but you don't look at that, you just look at an overall score.

If you are just looking at the overall score then the two systems are the same. But with trophies you can easy check out how many gold and platinum trophies someone has and that is a better indication of a players skill. If I only have silver and bronze trophies then I probably suck, no matter how high my level is. With achievements I can get 5x20points or 1x100points and it's all the same.

danielle0073214d ago

I think it's just because Xbox Live has such a huge community & it has had achievement support from the very beginning. Also, every 360 game has achievements. Trophies came about late in the game, and not every PS3 game has them, so obviously achievements are viewed upon as better, whether right or wrong. People have just grown to love them.

I think they're both okay, I only ever go out of my way for fun achievements on the 360. People who go out of their way to get like a 50,000 gamerscore by getting really horrible, easy games are pretty lame though. I don't think that makes them more of a gamer than anyone.. They're just more desperate in the big penis showing game of achievement whoring.

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