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"On Nick's Gaming View Episode #1, Nick covers this week's latest news and events for the gaming industry. Nick tells everyone why he feels the Wii is in the same "league" as the PS3 and 360. He also introduces Audrey Cleo, correspondent of Qore, to the show where they talk about what goes on behind the scenes of Qore as well as get her impressions on the gaming industry. Lastly, Nick discusses what really grinds his gears."

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Nick2120043190d ago

What's up everybody, please provide any feedback on the show and what could be done to improve the show!

ThatCanadianGuy3189d ago

Thankfully, nobody gives a f*ck about nick's gaming view.

Nick2120043189d ago

Thanks for the feedback :)

Nick2120043189d ago

What's up everybody, please provide any feedback on the show and what could be done to improve the show!

FamilyGuy3189d ago

When it's YOUR blog, article, video or whatever you can write "I" in the article description. You don't need to talk in a 3rd person way. How'd you get the Qore chick on anyways?

davekaos3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Wii is in the same league as ps3 and xbox360
I suppose the mini cooper is in same league as the ferarri then??

Bodyboarder_VGamer3189d ago

Wii online's structure is bad, in fact the PS2 online is better... The graphics are bad and the motion controller is not that great. With just these 3 things it is obvious that the Wii's not on the same league.

Games like Uncharted, GeoW, MGS4, L4D, God of War, Demon's Souls are never going to be on the Wii while there are games like Ratchet & Clank that are direct competition to Mario but Nintendo doesn't has anything to compete against something like Mass Effect. To say that the Wii is on the same league as PS3/X360 it's just plain silly if you ask me. You probably are one of the few Nintendo fanboys in N4G to say an atrocity like that.

Saaking3189d ago

All three are seventh generations consoles whether you like it or not. the highest rated exclusive is on the Wii (SMG) and there's a lot of great games.

The ONLY reason people discredit it (especially the 360 side) is becuase it's a Sales monster. 360 fans like bragging about sales, but if the Wii is brought into the equation 360 sales (both hardware and software) are minuscule. That's why nobody mentions the Wii. Becuase it destroys the other two in sales.

Kevin ButIer3189d ago

Wii doesnt need to be in the same league as the ps3 and 360 to be a worthy console...

Skip_Bayless3189d ago

Good start of a show. If I had more time i'd watch the whole thing. However I disagree with the Wii being in the same "league" as the PS3 and 360:
1. Do you put the DS and PSP as the same league the PS3 and 360?
2. Wii doesn't offer the same types of games, franchises, graphics, developers, tech specs etc.
3. Wii's main controller is just way different
4. The Wii has no real direct comepetitor which is why the sales for the Wii is so high. Most people who are buying Wii aren't the same persons buying PS3 and 360.
5. The Wii could not kill PS3 or 360. But the PS3 could kill 360 and vice versa. The Wii's success has no direct effect on the success of the PS3 and 360.

badz1493189d ago

Christina Lee is the PULSE girl, not Qore! Audrey is the one for Qore!

ps: thanks for the FB link though! :P

TheDudeAbides3189d ago

......but i CAN discuss with the tittle..... Naaaaaahhhhhh :)

madpuppy3189d ago

The Wii is everything I don't like about consoles, It is gimmicky, the controller sucks, It's library is filled with mostly garbage games. and the games look like crap.
To be honest, Until the PS3/360 most game consoles provided a limited experience at best. and even though I owned an Xbox 1 I only ever played burnout3 and test drive: eve of destruction. halo was not to bad, it was the first fps that didn't feel awkward to play with a controller as apposed to the KB/mouse.

Guido3189d ago

To say the Wii is in the same league as the PS3 and Xbox 360 seems a bit of a stretch. It is a great console but in terms of features, it is lacking in just about every department. It is a one trick pony and the other two console are media beasts with great HD gaming capabilities. Sorry, but a waggle controller does not put the Wii in the same league as the other two beasts.

Oh, and nice pic. I love a good asian crotch shot from time to time.

rockleex3189d ago

Sure, both are cars.

But, I won't even bother to explain why they're in two different leagues.

I have no problem admitting that the Wii is a sales monster. But that still doesn't change the fact that its not within the league of the PS3 and 360.

Like how Wii Sports will never be in the same league as Madden, no matter how much more it sells.

Come on, its just basic common sense.

ThanatosDMC3189d ago

Ohhhh... good to know. I thought they were the same and i thought pulse was just a clip from qore.

N4g_null3189d ago

First I want to say nick great post. I'm not going to have time to view it though. This is a very important observation. Most people here operate off of the if every one believes it then it must be true right?

Well lets try challenging our selves here. Why was this not the case with the Ps2 It clearly was not as good as the other systems but got blind support from developers. Now suddenly this is an issue, hd graphics.

I want to say maybe it's SONY and MS that are leaving gamers behind. Most people posting here are wowed by the graphics mostly and this is the sole reason why you justify or other have justified their purchase. Adults do not have to justify purchases they get what they want.

If SONY is really doing what many gamers want then why have the PS2 gamers upgraded yet? Did PS2 gamers want ps eye last gen? What about motion controls? I'm betting they didn't.

Another thing is the people on the internet or the industry totally ignored fun now there are different types of fun also.

Seriously a Mini cooper can be fun to drive in it's own way and you can park any where which is very refreshing, yet can I park a diablo any where? None I would worry about it the whole time. Which is not fun. Could I even use all it's power on an American road with out risking my licenses.

Yet if we are talking about bragging rights then maybe you have a point but that can easily be fixed by flashing your bank account balance.

What is sad is all of your arguments sound like people that are into gaming for all the wrong reasons.

Nicks point is the wii is in the same league because it does what it's suppose to do and it even out does the others.

Console are about fun games for gasp every one even those crazy people that love blood dripping every where. Console are not for people who want the cutting edge yet HD console are finally catering to these guys yet they have failed to make console games for these systems which in other words they are only making certain games while not making games for the rest of us..

You will not see me complain much about SONY not making these games because nintendo does even if they are cartoony.

Sony use to make stuff like this...

The Granstream Saga
Gunner's Heaven / Rapid Reload
ICO / Shadow of the Colossus
Siren / Forbidden Siren
Speed Power Gunbike

True we are getting games close some on this list yet the majority of these games will be ignored simply because they do not reach halo numbers.

Sony needs to compete against them selves not MS nor nintendo.. this is what made nintendo what they are right now. Even if you don't like their games many people do and Wii fans are not worried about most of the console war because of this. Which is another reason why many great games will sell way more like MW2 on the wii because we tell each other what is good by showing them. Yes it takes longer but as a dev I would rather 10 million than 2 in two weeks.

Also this is not about sales this is about what is fun and what truely is doing to best job of being a console for me. I don't want an appliance that does all of these extra things. As a serious gamer I play every thing even stuff from the past regularly. This is what hardcore is to me.

Right now the industry is ignoring me and lots of old PS2 gamers. We don't like crap games but if we want power we want ultimate power not a knock off. Yet if you truly want to make me get a game then make more console games people like me want to buy a console to go beside a PC because consoles are their for fun.

On top of this this graphics or theoretical power level of the HD consoles is hurting them. The devs are working hard as hell trying to get to these levels yet don't really have play test time and have to force certain things just to get games out.

This is kill the small time talent in HD gaming the same way it killed that talent in PC gaming. It's doing the same thing to console devs now. They are forgetting to make fun games. It's evident right here on this sight since you guys only argue about power now not fun.

You have to ask your self when did gaming stop being fun. If I want power then I know what PC parts to buy. Yet fun is a little harder and no one is consistent than nintendo.

Hardcore gamers during the NES days looked back at old atari games and played them also. Sure the pop culture hated any thing old looking but when have being hardcore been a pop culture thing?

No casual gamers play on my wii. We fiercely go back and forth on resort claiming top scores and leave notes to each other when we are not their. We play mkwii with two wii at the house online just so we can have whole screens or do 4 player on two displays. We play nsmbwii in death mode meaning we keep score how many times we kill each other. OR in death run mode or your it mode meaning one person must try and finish a level while we try to kill them lol.

Smash brothers, to sma show down and king of the fighter to NMH stays in my wii. Yet when we want a real online experience we play WOW or quake 2-3 to enemy territory quake wars. We play games not watch them.

Until game play reaches a level that the wii can never do then it will stay in the same league as the other and stay my preferred platform to game on.

This is what MS and SONY do not understand right now and sega has obliviously forgot this. This is the GAME industry not some PC tech industry... intel and ati are murdering that industry and have no competing products no matter what fans says.

So please understand if you liked the PS2 back in the day and you use the power argument on the Wii or even HD then you loose all cred because you clearly are a fanboys that can not be reasoned with.

When people stop being reasonable adults will move on to the next person. It happens all the time. Consoles have never been about power and from the way I see it they are better off that way.. yet you would have to understand the principle's of design to understand what I'm saying. More is not more if no one values the more you add.

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dustgavin3189d ago

Well, the Wii and 360 both have dvd drives, sub-hd graphics, and motion tracking that is not 1:1.

Nick2120043189d ago

So are you saying the 360 and Wii are in competition and the PS3 is in its own "league"?

AnotherGamerUser3189d ago

Thats where youre wrong pardner... The wii has 1:1 with Motion Plus. What rock have YOU been living under?

AnotherGamerUser3189d ago

Its pronounce SOH NY.. not SAHNY.

Nick2120043189d ago

No not Sony the brand LMFAO. I was talking about one of our staff members Sanii. You are talking about where I was discussing seasons correct?

monkey nuts3189d ago

Interesting fact: Peter Griffin had a slot on tv about what 'really grinded his gears'. Now over to Ali for the weather report.

Nick2120043189d ago

"What really grinds my gears" is a general saying, not something that is trademarked.

Mini Mario3188d ago

Great arguments. Couldnt of said it better myself. Seriously lol.