SBG: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review


"A lot of the interface could have used a bit more of the polish that went into the presentation, but what we did get was still highly enjoyable. As long as you aren't turned off by the abundance of minigames or unwarranted RPG expectations of the Final Fantasy name, The Crystal Bearers should fill the same sort of niche as other Zelda clones. It's a little light in the challenge department, but overall worth your time."

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Redempteur3214d ago

i agree many aspect of the game are good and some are really annoying .but i really enjoyed the story and the cast of characters ...

Overall it's a good game

tunaks13213d ago

it shows that a lot of effort went into the story, visuals, and characters. It may not have the best battle system, but it was a good change and it was unique.