Handheld month: Game Boy

In this first month of the new year Dutch gaming website looks back at the history of handhelds. In this third special we delve into the history of the Game Boy, from the old-school Game Boy till the Game Boy micro. What was the secret to it's succes?

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Umbrella Corp3215d ago

The secret was that there was no competition.

Youri3215d ago

Well, there were other handhelds but they didn't get an audience, so the Gameboy had the whole handheldmarket for itself. I think normally competition would allow for better a better market, but the Gameboy just was a great device, and so were the next versions of it.

Romar3215d ago

Indeed, there was competition, as you can read in the article. They outperformed the Game Boy on graphics en connectivity. But the Game Boy was way cheaper and had a better battery. Where have we heard this before!