Ubuntu Linux founder says no deal with Microsoft

The founder of Ubuntu Linux, a widely used version of the open-source operating system for personal computers, said he is not interested in a business partnership with Microsoft Corp. (MSFT.O: Quote, Profile, Research) as the software giant steps up its challenge to open-source software.

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sadiq4735d ago

thank god... microsoft would skrew linux since they are used to dealing with money

Odion4735d ago

lol cause Ms needs to deal with Linux

BIadestarX4735d ago

The real truth is that they don't want microsoft to be go to deep into open source... Imagine if microsoft comes up with an open source version of windows.... bye bye linux.

XxZxX4735d ago

I'll welcome open source windows anytime with open-arms. But to think that this will prevent microsoft from going into open source is absurb, why would Microsoft want to throw away their best money maker by going into open source. They're making big money now without open-source, suddenly they just want to throw that away? Ridiculous

Relin4735d ago

...without Windows to keep the revenue in the green? The Xbox franchise isn't enough to support that whole company, and neither is Office. If Windows goes open-source, I'll eat my hat while I watch my MSFT stocks plummet.

Lord Anubis4735d ago

lol bladestar

microsoft wont release an open source operating system or they will say buh bye to the money.

THe industry doesn't trust microsoft especially the open source community. After all Microsoft is the one that threatens them to sue them if they don't (in Microsoft words) "If they don't play ball" whatever that means.

Skizelli4735d ago

As if viruses, worms, spam, etc. aren't bad enough now. Imagine if those kinds of people had access to the source code.

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