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RyuStrife4121d ago

If this game succeeds, hopefully Shenmue 3 gets a look over and be made!

DarkTower8054121d ago

I have no doubt this game will be awesome, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be successful money wise. IPs like this need to be rewarded for bringing us gamers new and refreshing things. This game is the breath of fresh air the industry needs right now (and I've been waiting for).
I hope many people open up their wallets on this one, we'll definately be rewarded in the long run for it as it will send a message to devs that it's ok to break the mold and try new things without being worried about going broke.

insomnium4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Couldn't agree more. That's why I've already pre-ordered my copy even though I'm up to my teeth with unplayed games as it is. I'm not going to look at this vid no matter what. I don't want to ruin the experience anymore. I've seen enough to buy this so no more for me.

I just saw some gameplay from the disco (I know but I just couldn't resist) that really blew me away. This game can't come soon enough. I have Fahrenheit too yet unplayed so I might give it a go before this lands. Good times for us gamers.

GreenRingOfLife4121d ago

I was really looking forward to this game! but this vid makes it seem boring.

Darkstorn4121d ago

This game has already been spoilerized to an insane extent...what's another 9 minutes.

kaveti66164121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

This game looks really amazing, especially the toy monster truck driving part, but I don't really think it's going to be a typical game.

Some people will hype it as an epic experience. I will probably spend the next hour after finishing the game, wondering why they just didn't make a film instead.

EDIT: This GAME is lacking in a fundamental aspect that most other games carry. It's called GAMEPLAY. Taking showers, drying my hair, skimming through books, drinking orange juice from a carton, turning on a radio, and driving a toy monster truck are not my ideas of GAMEPLAY.

The first 9 minutes looks like nothing more than a tech demo to show off the graphics and attention to detail. Kudos to quantic dream for making a good environment with good-looking characters.

But I am flabbergasted that people are defending this game. People reply to me and they say things like, "You don't understand, man. You never played Indigo Prophecy. You're calling it a QTE game, but anyone with half a brain can see it is nothing like that. This is the most innovative thing ever. And if you can't see that then you'e either blind or you're a... a FANBOY!!!"

Oh snap. The gloves are off.

As soon as I make a criticism of this game, or any other for that matter, a brigade of loyal fans of Quantic Dream or Sony or whomever, rush in and make jabs at me that are baseless. The game is a series of QTEs. It's right there, plain as day. That's what it IS. Why do people pretend like it's more than that?

This game is very story-driven, so much so, that it appears Quantic Dream was hesitant to add a more free gaming experience. This game is like Mass Effect's convo system without any actual gameplay in between. The whole game is like a series of decisions that are executed by the player. That is the definition of a QTE.

Not saying it will be bad, but people should stop saying that this game will blur the line between cinematic and game. It didn't blur any line, it completely left out the game and went with interactive cinematic.

And like I said, after I finish this game, I'm going to wonder why Quantic Dream didn't just make a film out of it using the engine. I think that's a compliment to Heavy Rain's story. I think it will be so good that it will be film-worthy. I do not feel the same way about Uncharted 2's story, or Halo's story or Metal Gear Solid's story. The story from this game may be fantastic, but I have to get through a lot of random QTEs to divulge it.

stb4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Around the same line composed of your lasts words, which say along...why not make a movie?.

Then i ask you, why not make a game¿?, it is all the same, just much more compelling Tbh, as long as the history which certainly is the best of this game is neat and interestingly enough for make people play it example of this is uncharted 2, appealing history enough for make you and maybe your whole family enjoy it but this time just without the 3pshooter characteristics, then i don't see where this game gonna fail, and again, this game is something new, why not make a movie as a game!!!nobody had, so let see how this turn out, sure bet it´ll just do fine.

Nihilism4121d ago

9 minutes and no gameplay....did anyone else fall asleep.

I don't care how innovative it is ( I personally can't see the innovation, unless complete lack of gameplay is considered such ), games are about interaction ( that's what makes them different to a movie ) and this just plain sucked.

That was the most exciting animated shave i've ever seen, boy, I was on the edge of my seat.

Digitaldude4121d ago

I have paid in full $130 for the collectors Edition.
This is how much faith I have in the game.

shawnsl654121d ago

the controlled movement (walking/running) is a lot less fluid than I've expected... reminds me of those avatars in Home.

Baba19064121d ago

well it was to expect that a lot of people dont like this kind of games, but i loved fahrenheit and if this is just a little close to that i will absolutly adore it. i mean whats wrong with playing a movie, its not like you can make the story in a movie. u have to follow it, here you can be it. thats pertty awesome. and who says that all games have to be the same? i think we should all be happy that there is such a game on the market. no one ever said this would be the most actionbased game of all time so dont expect it to be. im confident that the story and the gameplay will keep you going.

Bathyj4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I wasnt going to watch this to stay fresh but I had to so I knew what I was talking about when I told dchalfont off.

You ever hear of a tutorial level? You should, 99% of games have em.

Only usually its some random obstacle course or training ground that has no bearing or relevance to the game at all.

Heavy Rain trys to do it in their own style by putting you straight into the charactors shoes and starting in the most natural way possilbe, by waking up and starting your day, as a way of introducing the play mechanics you'll be employing through the game.

And what do you do? You act like you think the whole game will be about shaving or something else mundane like washing dishes. Thats not the bulk of the gameplay and you know it.

Try opening your mind, just a little bit.

And stop acting like the gameplay is a movie and not interaction. Others dumber than me might believe you.

socomnick4121d ago

Wow this is so retarded. Its like gaming did a 180 back to the early 90s. Innovative my ass, this is downright antiquated. This is just point and click adventure games all over again. Hope it flops so no more of these POS get made.

Nihilism4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Yes I have heard of a tutorial level, but before now I hadn't seen one that made me want to pass out.

The final fantasy series is emotional and unsurpassed for cinematic story, both in game cut scenes and pre-rendered, those games have emotion, this game appears to have none.

I love in game cut scenes when they're good. Every game has cinematics and they are an important part of the games, it is not always possible to combine 100% of the story elements into the gameplay presentation.

But this game is marketing itself on the story, and this footage is terrible, I imagine after all the hype that there are a lot of disappointed people right now

socomnick4121d ago

LOL @ the voice acting. Its so bad. LOL @ the brushing teeth "gameplay" segment, never seen such engaging and riveting gameplay. It was pure genius how involved the player was and how complex yet refined the controls are lol / Sarcasm

Seriously though, this game is going to flop so hard it will scare the games industry from making another game in this genre, this is good.

GUNS N SWORDS4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

It's not exactly my cup of tea but i believe the game should still get high marks, strictly cause of how in depth the developers have gone. though, it's this depth that makes it clear that the game is not for everyone.

having seen the trailers first and then this, it's clear that it's a type of game that requires time for the momentum to pick up. that's perfectly understandable. how in depth these guys have gone may or may not hinder it's ratings, it will depend on the reviewers preferences. frankly i thought the music was pretty damn good.

Bodyboarder_VGamer4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The game's no Gears of War or Halo so people will hate it unless the devs add a gun, a camera over the shoulder and of course the cover mechanic. What you people should understand is that this game is story driven, you're living the life of that man and experiencing the circumstances as he is seeing them. You can call it a movie but a movie will never going to be like this because movies have a limited time of 3 hour max to come to a climax and finally an end. This game will probably last like 10 hours with multiple characters, stories, endings and lots and lots of interactivity with the environment and choices to make.

It is obvious that this game's not for everybody. Heavy Rain is a unique game for people that want to play something out of the ordinary and break the monotony of "pew-pew-pew-pew" for something more realistic and mature.

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gamer20104121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

It looks really nice and I am sure it is going to be a great experience, but people really need to stop acting like this is so innovative.

If you have played Indigo Prophecy you can see that it is almost exactly the same thing, just refined like all sequels are (spiritual successor, in this case).

Morever, it really isn't that different than Shenmue that I played back on the Dreamcast 10 years ago. In all honesty I think the mixture of the different types of gameplay and narrative devices in Shenmue has more of a right to be called innovative than this game does.

Also, that animation looks fairly stiff. Nevertheless, the overall look of the game is great. It goes for a nice photorealistic look with decent textures and lighting. You can tell the camera angles are mostly fixed though. It looks like you can move the camera angle a little bit to the side, but it was pretty clear that it isn't a fully user-controllable camera.

That said, the game is refreshing. Not because it is particularly innovative, but because there are not enough of these types of games. I think it will be a fun experience and it is one of the games I plan on getting for my PS3 this year.

7ero H3LL4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

seemed like a cinematic version of the sims to me.
it felt a little too personal, i don't know it must be because my own tastes.

Ravage274121d ago

can't believe people are actually complaining about the lack of action in the first 9 min, it's a tutorial for god sake. I've seen way more boring introductions(most of RPGs starts horribly, yes including FF games).

thesummerofgeorge4121d ago

it builds tension, as well as stated above: it helps get the user in tune with the controls. It's film noir style, a mystery/thriller, it makes perfect sense to start building tension while learning a bit about the character. What doesn't make sense is to try to encapsulate the entire games experience in the first few minutes of gameplay footage. Clearly there's much to this game, and we haven't seen the majority of it. I'll say it again: The beginning is intentionally mundane, you don't begin a story with a climactic moment (usually). The game certainly isn't for everyone, but for many of us, it's exactly the kind of gaming experience we want. You can clearly tell the people (ie socomdouche) who don't really care to know what this game has to offer, or whether or not it's any good, but simply want to bash this game in the name of their 360, and the ongoing fanboy wars they like to have.

Cold 20004121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I haven't watched the video yet but I hope those who are saying it sucks and has no gameplay...are wrong...

I'm no Sony lover but anything new and fresh is welcomed no matter the console.

Here we go (click !)

edit: well, it wasn't all that bad. I guess there must be more actual "gameplay" farther in the game. I think I'll wait for the reviews to roll in before making up my mind.

OmarJA-N4G4121d ago

360 Fanboys hating on a PS3 exclusive again surprise surprise... :)

LMAO! at the disagrees all around just for saying "getting this game" jealousy is a bad disease people. :)

morganfell4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Heavy Rain was never intended to be a game but rather a movie in which you participate and whose storyline you directly alter through your actions.

And look, 3 posts from someone that hates this title. That is a clear indicator of worry and/or jealousy as they vainly attempt to attack the game.

The Wii was about drawing in the kids and the PS3 has just demonstrated why the crowd on PSN and PS3 owners in general are more adult and mature.

FelicityOldGamer4121d ago

Well I still have my Sega Dreamcast... Shenmue 2 its so good... I am waiting so much for a Shenmue 3 that I agree with you about this... I think that if Yakuza 3 give some money to Sega in the US... it´s another chance... Well.. I will buy both! :)

PS: I am sorry for some problems with my english... it´s because I am a brazilian gamer , and my english it´s a little rusty.

thereapersson4121d ago

And instead of coming up with reasons why they are in here trolling, they simply slam the disagree button and steal bubbles like cowards.

sack_boi4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Wow the game looks awesome. Why the hate?

the voice acting is not very good, but that alone won't stop me from getting the game.

hagla4121d ago

Wow, i don't care what you guys think about this game having no gameplay... That vid gave me the weirdest feeling, I didn't think a game could would ever bring out real emotions in me but i can tell this will. I wasn't even excited for this game till i watched that... First day buy for me now.

lh_swe4121d ago

If you don't like this game what possible gain do you get from criticizing it? do feel bigger and better because you downplay something other people like? In that case f*** you disgusting, decadent trash of a human being.

Preference socomnick, do you understand that word? This game is more about evoking emotions than shooting monster, if thats not your thing than thats too bad, it suffices to say it's not my type of game on a console that I don't like. I will ask you this again, what do you gain? what do you gain from being such an incessant little fanboy brat? that goes for all of you that can't simply state you preference for a console without showing it in someones face.

There is nothing wrong with supporting a console, or defending a game you like on that console or even criticizing faults about a console but if that becomes a habit of just doing it to antagonize you are a blind idiot who needs to widen their gaze.

Hellsvacancy4121d ago

Bollocks 2 lookin at the footage, ill wait thank u very much

Consoldtobots4121d ago

I can't take ANYONE seriously who looks like an nsync member that just came out of the closet. That said why is the dufus in here slamming a game he will never play, yet hasn't had a single post removed?

Greywulf4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I'd even say that people who *CAN* enjoy this type of title are more into gaming in every form, than you yourself are.

If its not shooting up the next alien monster, it MUST be a flop. Its kinda sad, but its expected from the 360 community. They are younger & don't have quite a multi-faceted genre appreciation. Banjo & Kazzoie sold 3 copies because the Halo/MW/l4d/gears/Fable crowd ignored it saying it was "for kiddiez!". No one thinks HR is going to sell 302360238608 copies, because the first one didnt.

Its like you guys can't comprehend the game isn't for everyone, its not a generic game that is made based off of case studys to sell the most copies to 13 year olds by using the most appealing colors. Its something risky and severely different than anything out.

Sony's gaming library is diverse, with creative and experimental games. HR innovates just as the first title did. If you don't like it, thats fine. But don't be ignorant about it then claim you're a gamer because you can't enjoy it.

Lets put it this way, as a Playstation 3 owner, I'm glad I have the option of experiencing something fresh & new things like Heavy Rain & Flower. Rather than being forced to play the same shooter and "rpgs" every single year.

The same people that bought the first, will more than likely buy this.

snaz274121d ago

You cant judge ANY game on 9 minutes of the start! Just like you cant judge a film from the first 9 minutes either! well you can but you would be fairly closed minded, for instance i said to my friend "you watching slumdog millionaire tonight?" he said "nah i dont like that kind of film" (guessing he was basing his opinion on the fact it was asian and from the adverts) i said "what type of film is it then? you dont know what its about!" he said "yeah i do, some idian lad wins who wants to be a millionaire, its s**t!"... now anyone thats seen the film knows what a stupid statement that was! anyway i erged him just to try it and he did... half way through on an advert he calls me laughing and saying its ace and he wants it on blu-ray!... the moral of the story is give things a CHANCE! rent the game, then if you dont like it dont buy it simples, but atleast you can have an opinion on it without sounding like a closed minded doucebag! This is defo gonna be a marmite type game though. and thats cool.

heroprotagonist4121d ago

I like these kind of games, even if they don't have as much of what we would call gameplay. What is wrong with a hybrid between movies and games?

Btw, does anybody know if this runs on the same engine as Home? It looks very similar.

snaz274121d ago

i said "yeah god of war is coming out soon" (i would of mentioned heavy rain but well you will see why i didnt bother in a mo) he says " nah dont like those kinda games" (i wanna pull my hair out!!!) i say "dan its awesome mate and you dont know what kinda game it is!" he says yeah but its not gonna be up there with uncharted 2 is it" i said no its gonna surpass it! lol" ofcourse he didnt believe me then he came round one day so i showed him! his jaw hit the floor! " s**t i didnt know it would be like THAT!".... EVERYONE thats dissing this game, listen to how my friend talks, now listen to yourselves! can anyone see the resemblence? please just atleast hold off your opinions till you try it yourself.

kewlkat0074121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The Characters look good but notice thee is not much happening on screen, I wonder how it would like like with a busy screen.

Not my kind of game if that's all it's about.....I like more action. I'm sure it will find it's niche. I'll wait for reviews and see what they think.

snaz274121d ago

this is exactly what im talking about lmao... you think this 9 mins is all that the game is about? my god the story is about a serial killer! you think there wont be any action? please go and look at some trailors or something! also if you wanna see more happening on screen google "heavy rain disco". i just wish people found out a little more about the game before commenting, oh and btw home is getting some great praise here, but ofcourse home is really good looking so i can see what they mean lol.

8thnightvolley4121d ago

kind of gives me a feeling from playing fahrenheit which was quite fun... but from the vid the graphics didnt look as high as i expected i think uncharted2 still is my ace thou.. and i am not bashing the game ... not a day one buy for me will have to see how the reviews fall which would let me knw if its a rent or a buy... but this could be intresting since its not a typical game

badz1494121d ago

the game is really taking its time! I'll reserve my judgment at least until I've played the demo! this kind of game is the 1 that you really need to play, not just watch!

although I've never realized everyday's live is such a boring thing to do! it's clear now that you really need to be in the shoe of this character to even start appreciating this game!

marinelife94121d ago

I refuse to watch any footage. I don't want to have any of the plot details affecting my ingame decisions.

nveenio4121d ago

Wow. What a string of comments. Isn't it weird how the only people that call this a QTE game are the ones that haven't played Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy? I find that comical. F/IP never felt like a QTE to me except during intense action sequences. QTE in action sequences is perfectly acceptable.

Here's a good way to judge the game: Pretend the button prompts aren't there. Instead, pretend that there's a little bit of text that pops up on the top of the screen when you're near something you can use. For instance, when you approach the wardrobe, imagine some text that says "Push (Triangle) to Open".

What you've just imagined is how EVERY OTHER GAME EVER CREATED handles interaction with the environment. All HR does is put this prompt into the world in 3D.

LONEWOLF2314121d ago

Well its not really up to Quantic if Shenmue 3 is released or not ITS all up to Sega and AM2. Im hoping for a Shenmue 3 as well BUT i dont know if it will ever happen and if it does happen i dont care FOR what system(PS3 or 360!) it get released on JUST as long as it does!

HighDefinition4121d ago

But some of these comments are just stupid.....

How can you judge a game off the first 9 mins? Seriously, I have less and less faith in the mental state of todays gamers.

Has anyone considered that their trying to make this game as much like a movie as possible, you might not like that idea, but some do and quantic dream obviously does. Movies like this game is (which is a "thriller") start slow. The first 9 mins of some of your favorite games start slow like Fable2 and Mass Effect.

So keep spewing out garbage out of your mouths and live your weak minded lives. I got a lot of gaming to do in the next few months, including ME2 which will start slow and have virtually no game play besides conversations, in the beginning.

TheLog4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

The attention to detail is certainly nice but just as i have feared...
OMG 1st 9 mins and im already doze off! Why would i want to play someone shaving his beard, brush his teeth and drink some milk! Plus you dont actually get to control the toy car, its a cut scene. What in gods name were they thinking, why would i want to watch someone taking a leak. BHAHAHAHAH!!!!

press up(wake up)- free control- press up- free control- press up-free control(goes in toilet)-QTE-QTE-watch naked butt blah blah blah

You also dont really get to read the book, its a cut scene...again! Who in the world wants to look at a character just flipping pages??

"IF" this game has a cycle like this all the way then, WOW EPIC FAIL!

Bigpappy4121d ago

Reminds me of Wallace and Grummet a bit with some Simms thrown in for good measure. I don't see many young people getting into this experience. I think the mistake they made were was thing to add mini games as fillers to give the gamers some kind of gameplay while interacting with the environment. The first Alone in the dark game on PC were like this back in the late 80's.

The controls could be another turn-off for some PS3 users. There seem to use the six axis motion control quite a bit to dry hair, brush teeth, shake juice and so on. PS3 fans hate motion control and would not let anyone see them shaking around the controller like they are having a seizure. They also incorporate the complicated stick gestures from FN3 to interact with the doors and what not. I would think they would use a basic button press to do something that will be used so often in the game.

I guess that the thinking was, that if the controls are more complex, it would make the game more emersive. This could be true if it feels right, but as Fight Night and Lair have shown, complicating the controls can turn off a lot of people. If the story has a lot of suspense, it might convince a niche crowd to tolerate the slowness and the learning curve. I actually enjoyed the early Alone in the dark games on PC, but that was just clicking a mouse.

solidt124121d ago

This game will be epic. I love the controls.

krisq4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

It's clear most of you (the b****ing ones) didn't understand what's these first minutes are about. Yes, it's the tutorial but they're also about everyday normal life which turns to ruin in further sequences. I can't imagine another and better way to connect the player to the character other than guide him through everyday nuances that we all expierenced in real life. Boring real life. I can guarantee that after an hour, you emotional bond with the story will be very strong. Just because you have to play with your kids, help them do their homework and care for them in general.
HR would fail on Xbox big time because of immature crowd. There is no other platform than PS3 for this kind of game. And whoever thinks adventure games are thing of the past is clearly wrong. Do your research.
Bottom line is, this game is like a criminal book where everything main character does is described in minor details. Stop looking at it from technical/ mechanical point of view and open your mind for new expierences because this is exactly what HR does. Breaks the boundries of normal, everyday gaming.

Raoh4121d ago

I love sixaxis.. hated that they took it out of uncharted 2 like when you balanced on a log in uncharted 1..

and lair controls were not that bad, maybe i played it after the patch.. but the controls worked fine for me when I played it.. the real problem with lair was terrible game to cut scene and the lack of promotion, proper promotion..

if the 360 controller had sixaxis, it would be successful and innovative LOL, not cause of fanboys but because microsoft would promote it and work with devs to include it in more games.. sony does not do this foolishly

what makes the wiimote easy is that you use it the moment you turn it on.. sony should have turned on sixaxis for xmb control (with option to turn off) to make people warm up to it..

sony, great products and ideas terrible exectution...

pixelsword4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

...It's just like watching the news versus watching a cartoon: a child will find adult concepts or intelligent banter boring because they are not mature enough to comprehend what they are watching; so they go to sleep while intellectual topics are presented (or they go to fox news, which isn't really news).

At any rate, adult-themed games will to that to an infantile mind.

Go play your game of choice with all the "bright, shiny things" and avoid posting words that only embarrass you because you just exposed your mental age: which turned out to be right around nine.

I don't see how these same people complaining hope to play Alan Wake if they can't even understand the basic set-up of a scene; Alan Wake looks to have some pretty intelligent puzzles in store, so unless they change it to shooting "neon-colored aliens" I think they they may have to rely on ghost boobs or someone carrying a Super Sayin sword and mumbling something about "over 9000"...

FACTUAL evidence4121d ago

Now i laugh at the 360 fanboys who swore to god this game was pre-rendered....

Elven64121d ago

This brings back memories of Indigo Prophecy. :P

For me personally the draw to Indigo Prophecy was not the gameplay but the story telling, I felt really involved with the characters and their situation which is why I kept coming back to the game. I don't know if Heavy Rain will do the same but here's hoping.

Christopher4121d ago

I think the problem is that people are still trying to compare this to your typical game. I don't see that type of comparison with Linger in Shadows, so I wonder why it was done here. Honestly, if you want a game, don't play Heavy Rain. It's an interactive story more than anything else, and if you have no care about the type of game it is, then realize that trying to compare it to an FPS or RPG really isn't a fair comparison.

otherZinc4121d ago

So please stop saying that ****! There were SEVERAL instances where you actually played the friggin game!

Example: the 74 enemy battle you & Chen's son were in, fighting Virtua Fighter style. This will never happen in Heavy Rain.

This game is going to be a real POS imo!

iwillpwnyou4121d ago

Game will win awards. No doubt.

And to the haters, you mad cause there is no game like this on xbox. It's gonna be a masterpiece! XD

likedamaster4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

A QTE freakin snoozefest! I don't care how many boobies I get to see, no thank you.

Edit: @Dchalfront, I couldn't put it any better. Hammer on the nail. Bubbles.

exnihilonihilfit4121d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

I lived in a fraternity house where one of my brothers had a 360. He bought Mass Effect because of the high reviews and the high graphical quality. He played the game for 1 hour, put it down, and then didn't mention it again. I went into his room, saw it on his shelf and asked him how it was. He said he got bored in the first hour and didn't want to play anymore, so it sat on his shelf collecting dust for a few weeks before anyone was the wiser. I told him he was crazy and said that I know this game is too great to go unplayed. For the next few weeks, every chance I got, I was in his room playing that game. He watched me finish it, and said to himself, damn, I should have given it another chance. I don't know if he ever played it after I finished it, but I hope that this story helps to make a point to all of the Xbox fans about how the first part of a GREAT game can mislead impatient people.

I agreed with my friend that the first portion of ME was kind of boring, and I can see how someone who is impatient would just set it aside. But you see, I'm a gamer. I know that many good games start off slowly. If anything, that slow start was instrumental in building the game up to an epic scale later. Truly epic stories start from humble beginnings. Heavy rain is even more subtle and personal than mass effect, and so it starts from very humble beginnings. If you can't see that, then I don't know what to tell.

And to those who go on about how it should have just been a movie. A movie can't last over 10 hours and have 20 different endings. You have no say about what happens in a movie.

About the voice acting... they aren't having a conversation so I don't see how you can judge the voice acting. He thinks to himself "I better take a shower" there's no need for quality voice acting there, the actors aren't trying in those contexts. If he tried to say it emotionally it would be forced. Wait until there's an actual interaction between people or a lengthy monologue before you judge the voice acting. During the tutorial portion of the game, I expect them to sound stiff, like tutors.

I think the real significance of heavy rain is that it demonstrates that games are not just for kids any more. This game is not meant to appeal to even teenagers. It's strictly for adults, and not just because there's nudity.

fullmetal2974120d ago

You must be kidding. Have you see his hair-drying technique? That alone is gonna make this game so cash.

Pillage054120d ago

I have to say, I'm not gonna be a fan of all the waving the DS3 around wildly too much...hopefully that is kept to a minimum or it is possible to remove motion controls (i think they're annoying), but I'm still looking forward to this one...probably day 1 purchase.

danielle0074120d ago

This is their second game in this genre. Indigo Prophecy was the first, and that didn't sell overly well, but it is a huge cult classic. Not a flop in any way. Plus, like I said, this is attempt #2 - so it's more polished than Indigo Prophecy - and it's getting a lot more attention and hype. It's going to sell.

When I played through Indigo Prophecy, I literally was addicted and could not stop playing. Even the little details of going potty and taking showers and getting out of bed keep you interested, because it's like you're playing out these people's lives, and they aren't superheroes. They sleep, they brush their teeth, so anyone can relate to characters like these.. They're real. :) Just like Indigo Prophecy.. at least the Cop parts.. Lucas was kind of out there. But before he figured out he had ninja powers, he was relatable too.

40cal4120d ago

"Games are about interaction"

Really mate, what do you think the point of Heavy Rain is? This game is going to completely open new doors for how programmers look at interaction in games. As for the gameplay, you have seen the other trailers, with a control scheme this interactive it has to be intense.

yesah4120d ago

a game thats just quick time events..... its gunna suck, im calling it.

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John_Dylan4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

What the crap the guy only wrote on word; "interesting..." And he gets 1 agree with 5 disagrees??

A games freaking interesting doesnt mean you have to bash games that interest certain people! Freaking fanboys, look, OUR console, the Xbox 360 DOES NOT NEED people like you to defend it, let the competition RUN ITSELF. Youre making the rest of us look bad. And although i dont know a great deal many of you, Sony fanboys are just as bad, ur basically creating an image on BOTH sides of the coin that we're a rowdy, hateful bunch with no concept of gaming integrity.

That said; i PERSONALLY find this game a little to drawn out for my liking, not unlike a filler episode in a good TV drama. I am certain that the plot will reach someplace awesome at some stage, but youre going to see a lot of fluff and red herrings before that. I am NOT the patient type so that said, this game isnt for me.

morganfell4121d ago

It's the PS3 they are bashing, not just the game...

heroprotagonist4121d ago

Morganfell, you have done more than your fair share of bashing the 360, so I wouldn't talk.

Aceluffy4120d ago (Edited 4120d ago )

Already pre-ordered mine from Amazon with free DLC as a bonus.
A lot of close minded people will definitely miss this engaging experience. The atmosphere and the soundtrack is just fantastic, nice change of pace from every other sword-swinging-gun-blasting-al ien-shooting games that populates every gaming console.
I know one thing for sure and nobody can argue about this......

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tulholdren4121d ago

Liking what i'm seeing 8)