Halo: Reach Armor Grants "Special Abilities" article discusses the news from Edge magazine that the Spartan armor in Halo: Reach will grant players "special abilities".

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Bungie3188d ago


this game is like the god of FPSs


Kevin ButIer3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

"this game is like the god of FPSs"....

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Chubear3188d ago

So you now get to have a customizable perk system in halo.. so halo is now a "god" because it's now doing what other shooters have been doing through out this gen?

Gad, I just don't understand halo fans.

otherZinc3187d ago

People can hate all they want Halo has earned its respect & will deliver yet another great 10million selling title.

Also, this will not be the last Halo Game from Bungie!

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GiantEnemyCrab3187d ago

So let me get this straight. A guy named Bungie in a Halo article posted only in the 360 area talking about his opinion of it being the god of FPS's is a troll?

No, the guy above me is a troll... Bungie is just excited for this game and you have to admit Halo is a God among FPS's.. Besides MW I don't think there is another FPS that is enjoying the success Halo is.

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Kurylo3d3188d ago

sounds to me like they are ripping off crysis

-if u wanna beleive something.. beleive that lol

u got owned3188d ago

I believe that you have a only one bubble because for something and that something cant be good.

Kevin ButIer3188d ago

Bungie's first account?


JANF3188d ago

I believe Kevin Butler is the PS3 savior and that Halo Reach will own 2010. =)

i_like_ff73188d ago

Yea sounds like the crysis ablities alright. This could get interesting.


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SixZeroFour3188d ago

title is completely wrong...its not the different armor that grants the special abilities its the pick ups that do...even on edge magazine page 51 "...even though alternative armour types won't grant special abilities"

the only thing good with the different armor is that it will be used for multiplayer as well as single and coop campaign meaning a variety of different armored spartan for campaign

rogimusprime3188d ago

maybe, now just maybe folks...they'll finally be able to sprint. I love halo, seriously. Read all the books, played all the games ad nauseum....but it bothers me that a billion dollar spartan can't f***ing RUN!!!

Umbrella Corp3188d ago

This is rather great news for Halo Reach,could this be because Bungie is not owned by Microsoft anymore?This seems like what Halo 3 should have been.Im very excited to see this game release.

Godmars2903187d ago

1) Wasn't most of the work done/started when they were still working directly for MS?

2) Isn't MS still calling the shots and setting the schedules, the main complaints Bungie had when working under MS?

So what's changed?

sonnyz3188d ago

Isn't this what you call "Jumping the Shark?"

RockmanII73188d ago

More like "Jumping the Sark"... get it? Sark, that MLG guy who is sometimes on G4...

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