Microsoft sues Immersion over alleged breach of contract

Haptic technology developer Immersion has been sued by Microsoft for not following through with their end of an agreement that settled a lawsuit originally filed by Immersion towards the Xbox 360 maker back in 2003. Funny how things come full circle.

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MK_Red4736d ago

And Immersion once sued Sony so, to complete the circle, its time for Sony to sue Microsoft.

ITR4736d ago

I don't get this...didn't MS buy a portion of Immersion anyways?

If they did then they would be kinda suing themselves!
"Under the deal, Microsoft will pay Immersion $26 million for licensing rights and for a stake in the company, Immersion said Tuesday. Immersion also can borrow as much as $9 million more through a convertible debenture arrangement with Microsoft, the company said."

DrunKao4736d ago

I bought a part of immersion and then sold it back. Maybe that wasn't a good idea.

tehcellownu4736d ago

microsoft mad because sony is bringing rumble

BIadestarX4736d ago

You are saying it as joke... to flame the xbox...but you may not be far from the truth... a little bird told me that if Immersion breached the contract they have with microsoft, microsoft may be able to make the money back they made when the settle and you may not see rumble in Sony's consoles... at least not using Immersion's technology... isn't that something.

sadiq4736d ago

sony sue ms now... lol it will be a suing circle, get it? sewing circle, suing circle... *crickets chirping*

ApocalypseShadow4736d ago

obviously thought they owned immersion after trying to invest into them and stalling sony with was a strategic move that hasn't panned out fully.

it's the same with microsoft supporting hd-dvd.they don't really support it.just enough so that it slows bluray adoption.if hd loses,they'll just add a bluray's a chess game to them.

sony is most likely getting a new type of force feedback and microsoft believes they are owed money.they didn't sue immersion before ps3 release.only after sony is ready to return rumble back to sony systems is when they have decided to do so.

BIadestarX4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

I think microsoft is being nice... if I were them... I would wait until rumble is implemented and shipped... then sues Immersion and Sony... and if they win... Sony would have to pull stop selling it and remove it from the controls (again)... and sony or/and immersion would have to pay for damanges cause by it.
I think if it happens before Sony starts selling them... they have the option of finding another company or technology before the damage is already done.

Immersion go so into graving all that money they made of microsoft and sony they didnt know or care what they were signing...

XxZxX4736d ago

bladestar, I think you have the "browniest" nose for kissing too much microsoft ass.

BIadestarX4736d ago

XxZxX, and you have the smallest brain... your inability to state a response to a comment instead of resorting to personal insults is amazing. Sony is an entity and so is microsoft... what do you care if I say something about Sony... do you own that company? Why do you take it as a personal attack against you that you have to insult me as a personally?

How about you say something smart for a change that's not "ass this... ass that... you this and that..."?

XxZxX4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Well, you know what they say, you should not trying to be smart and make a fool out yourself instead. Well look like someone just did it.

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The story is too old to be commented.