Persona 3 Portable To Redefine PSP Ports

Gaming Union writes: "Anyone that has played Persona 3 can attest to the sheer length of the game, it's certainly not something that can be faulted as there is plenty of action, which is complimented by numerous cutscenes that come in both an animated and in-game format.

However, as details of Persona 3 Portable emerged, one key change was the complete removal of all animated cutscenes and the re-working of the in-game cutscenes into a graphical novel style. Other changes include a new female character and gameplay refinements seen in the most recent iteration, Persona 4."

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mephman3216d ago

Quite a few companies could take a leaf out of Atlus' book.

Hisiru3215d ago

Persona 3 is already a great game, Persona 3 portable will be AMAZING! I hope they will port P4 too.

Kyll3216d ago

Once I heard it was ported in Japan, and having not played P3 yet, I've been waiting for this for a whiiiile. 6 more months :O

ShawnCollier3216d ago

I already own FES but this seems like the definitive version.

Besides, The Answer in FES was really just a dungeon hack-fest w/ story mixed in.

gwcommander3216d ago

this game is looking great, loved p4 and i want to give this a shot.

Obama3215d ago

I finished p3 FES and now playing p4. They impoved a lot of things in p4, but the only thing I don't like is chasing shadows in p4. So hard to get pre-emptive attack, and the shadows simply teleport back to their spot after you run away so you can't run away and hit them in the back like in ps3.

ShawnCollier3215d ago

I noticed the same issue. It almost seemed like sometimes when I should have gotten a preemptive attack, I didn't, and got it when I shouldn't have.

sashimi3215d ago

Atlus is one of the best developers/publishers out there :)

Koromaro3214d ago

Game looks great, it sounds great,and I just can't wait.
I welcome it since all i have on my psp is Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Come on Atlus add more PSP titles; P4P please