You Know You're A Gamer When...

Joystick Radio Writes: "We here at Joystick Radio are definitely considered "gamers". But what exactly classifies you as a "gamer" or a "hardcore gamer"? We got to thinking, and we have come up with a way to know if you're a gamer. You know you're a gamer when…"

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Nitrowolf23191d ago

lol true
i think this is more of a joke article

Darkstorn3191d ago

You wait until your sphincter painfully clenches before you finally take a bathroom break.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

When you work at a games store. /s

When you stalk your favorite developer online. (Kojima, marry me!)

When you mimic the actions in the game.

When you forget to take care of your kids.

When you stab a family member after losing.

When you visit N4G.

kaveti66163191d ago

You know you're a gamer when you always try to relate to real life using characters or storylines from games.

Nihilism3191d ago

You know your a gamer when your girlfriend calls you for sex and you say "just a minute, I've got to get to a save point"

ATi_Elite3191d ago

call off work because you stayed up all night gaming

Call off work to go get a NEW RELEASE

Go home at lunch to play games

Bring a HDD and a GFX card to work on the weekends (no supervisor) to play games

Only date women who can build a PC

had to choose between sex with your girl or continuing a good AA3 session but wound up doing both at the same time.

MerkinMax3191d ago

You don't bash other games or systems you don't own, you simply enjoy what you got.

Proxy3191d ago

You post comments on N4G without reading the articles.

S M N3191d ago

want Chloe to make you a sandwich

WildArmed3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

oh darn, i only classify into 4 of those comments.
Does that mean I have to give up gaming?

Your list is about
'Your a real fanboy if...'

we are talking about gaming here.

3191d ago
WildArmed3191d ago

we have a winner!
When you visit N4G probably classifies you one right away..
No one else would waste as much as time as we 'gamers' do on N4G xD

Redempteur3191d ago

you enjoy your games for what they are , games to the fullest

madpuppy3190d ago

purposely drink "halo themed" mountain dew?

what do they think it will do? give you super halo powers?

so damn stupid... :P

ryuzu3190d ago

I can make it much easier for everyone...

You know you're a gamer when you have a gaming PC.

Anything else is casual gaming by comparison lol.


lh_swe3190d ago

That has happened to me sooo many times :D

thorstein3190d ago

You take your kids to Up! (by Pixar) and can't get over the fact that they are traveling to Paradise Falls, and all you can think of is visiting the slavers in Fallout 3.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3191d ago

Nice list, a few of those apply to me lol

A funny one would be, When your ring tone is from a video game.

My ring tone =

dredgewalker3191d ago

I have megaman as my ring tone and and alarm tone.

STICKzophrenic3191d ago

I have the Xbox 360 load sound as my text ringer.

4pocalyps33190d ago

i have man with the machine gun from ff8 as my ringtone xD

FantasyStar3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I got the Virgil tone from Halo 3 ODST.

Elwenil3190d ago

I have the MGS Codec ring for my text tone. My ring tone is the one from the Movie Crank. I know, so cliché.

savage-muse3190d ago

i have a resident evil ost as my text ring tone :D

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ATi_Elite3191d ago

You call off work because you stayed up all night gaming

Call off work to go get a NEW RELEASE

Go home at lunch to play games

Bring a console to work on the weekends (no supervisor) to play games

Only date women who have built their own PC's

Nihilism3191d ago

"Only date women who have built their own PC's

They exist??

That would be awesome, but maybe that would cause relationship problems...when your GF owns you in counterstrike and steals your gaming manhood...

TheTruth20093191d ago

You're youthful, vibrant, and have a zest for Gaming.
Midnight Launches are always fun, and you have a library of XBOX360 games.

You're NOT a Gamer on PSN.

You're old, ancient, and you fart dust.
You have more kids than Jerry's Kids.
Your Social Security Number is 5.
You're in Jesus' Yearbook.

And you LOVE movies. Not games.

And NO ONE CARES about Gaming on PS3.

That's why the exclusives all flop unless they're bundled.

PS3 has NOTHING in 2010. It sucks.

lh_swe3190d ago

I understand you love the 360 and hate the PS3, I love both but for different reasons, not saying you should but maybe you should read some of my previous responses to your comments as well as I am tired of repeating myself.

meatnormous3191d ago

I installed cable at a house one time with a kid named Aerith. I looked at the parent that called her name and said Final Fantasy 7. He looked at me and said well it is a great game and a pretty name.