Games that should have been better: Dead to Rights

Hard boiled detectives and copious amounts of bullets always seem to go together quite nicely, and it makes total sense that video games will be made about this subject. Then there are games like Dead to Rights that just fail to be exciting on several different levels because of game ruining problems. Yes, Dead to Rights did have an interesting premise, with John Woo style action shootouts and a police dog friend to help out with sticky situations. At first glance, one might say: how could this game not be a sure hit? However, Dead to Rights wasn't as fun as fellow action shoot 'em up game Max Payne or as cool as a John Woo film because of the problems with the bland storyline, poor graphics and almost infuriating hand to hand combat.

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LukeA3189d ago

Nice article Raymond, keep up the good work.

Murgatroyd73189d ago

I don't normally like this kind of game anyway, but I do agree that it could have been a lot better.

omicron0093188d ago

what about Dead to Rights 2? Did you play that, maybe they did make it better :)