VGChartz: ModNation Racers Beta Impressions.

VGChartz writes: "ModNation Racers is coming along nicely. It's an interesting, modern take on kart racing, with some great creation aspects (which are, unfortunately, let down by the sharing aspects). The controls are fluid, and the graphics are brilliant. It's a blast to play. The biggest problems are skin-deep, and they should be ironed out when some more polish is put into the game. If you're a fan of Mario Kart, and want to try a new take on the genre, a fan of LBP who wants to see how the sub-genre works with racing, or you just want to play a zany, wacky and very enjoyable game, keep your eye on ModNation Racers."

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Braineater24483189d ago

I love Mario Kart AND LBP. Can't wait for this! Wooo!

Bungie3189d ago

i really enjoyed the beta

i will get it when i get my money

u got owned3189d ago

I'm very interested in this game.

coolcole933188d ago

Why haven't you been banned yet?

Milky3188d ago

best beta I have played in a long time, I am gonna get this game day one now because the beta is so much fun.

GVON3188d ago

After my first few goes I hated the control layout,handling isn't direct enough.
But 3 days later i'm desperate to keep playing,it's bloody good,I still want a custom control (basically MK) I think the handling feels as if it needs D-pad not stick control,but it's a Beta I can live with it.

I don't like the weapons though,it would be better without them as visually (at this stage) they are lacking,

The mod stuff is insane,I was seeing Burt from Sesame Street chatting (mic quality is mindblowing) with bomberman and jean luc picard,it's nuts.

A few pics I've just uploaded
Top Gear Stig

This is a day purchase now.
If anyone wants a good Mario circuit (Snes) clone,search plummer GP 1,leave a comment,rate it whatever.

execution173188d ago

found it funny when stole my design on my kart lol top car one day the next day find a kart that looks exactly like mine with a few different paint jobs being top kart.

hamster powered cardboard kart FTW!!!

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mrv3213189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I've played this to and never experienced these problems. I find the it pretty smooth, the framrate is decent for A BETA.

I adore making Kart uploaded 3 or 4 ( search mrv321) it's fun to make your Karts and the end looks good it only take 1 hour or so to do ANY of the ones I've uploaded. I love the accuracy.

Also here's a piece of advice to all you making Karts. USE THE ADVANCED EDIT.

MGOelite3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

my only problems,
framerates a mess atm

at beginning of race there is a huge mash-up where cars just nock into each other so at start of a race the cars should become partially invisible like in gt5p if you purposly crash into somone

and also the steering seems to lock up some times

btw the people who are disagreeing im not a bot, add me my psn is ; joseph12011993 and ill show you me playing it...

GVON3188d ago

Framerate,I can live with it at this stage.
I'm convinced it's something that will be fixed.It feels more like optimization as opposed the system getting pushed,because in some modes the same track,with same number of karts has different framerates.

unrealgamer583189d ago

bungie lives in his own world with his imaginary ps3.

xg-ei8ht3189d ago

Beta is decent.

Gameplay and track building are also nice.

Not sure if its the framerate tbh.

But there is a slight hiccup during gameplay.

Can't put my finger on it.

Braineater24483189d ago

Well, that's what a beta is for, right? Hopefully it'll be all polished up by the time this hits the mass market.

Kantor3188d ago

I think it is framerate. But only on the higher speed classes.

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