Upcoming God Of War Comic Explores Kratos' Childhood

GameInformer: Why is Kratos so angry? Sure, he murdered his own family, and was bound to the service of an unjust god, but his rage issues clearly started well before either of these events. In a new six-issue miniseries from WildStorm, Kratos' Spartan childhood is explored. This story will reveal the early tragedies and formative events of his untold past. Was he bullied on the schoolyard? Was he socially awkward? Did he have braces? I predict his origin story will be exactly like Teen Wolf's...only with more scowling. Sony hasn't locked in a release date for God of War III yet, but Wildstorm currently has the first issue of the God of War comic set for March 31. The Mass Effect comic has been great so far, and God of War appears to be in just as good of hands with the creative team of Marv Wolfman (words), and Andrea Sorrentino (art).

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NewZealander3188d ago

anyone from aus or NZ that wants a beta code for mod nation racers pvt me, i only have 2 to give away tho.

Bungie3188d ago

OMG God Of War Comic = WIN

NewZealander3187d ago

i gave away my beta codes, hope the lucky people that got them enjoy the beta.

Agent Smith3188d ago

Highly doubtful. He probably got kicked out of Spartan college and became a construction worker instead, but his friend said there was more money to be had in the army.

PirateThom3188d ago

There's a cool video on, I think, God of War that shows some of his childhood.

Worth checking out for awesome value.

Darkstorn3188d ago

I hate to be perverse but it's possible that he was molested in some way. Perhaps that's why he has such anger management issues...

unrealgamer583188d ago

i bet ye recieved the 300 warrior treatment x100

FanboyAttack3188d ago

Kratos in a comic book, interesting.

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