Unreal Tournament 3 - PS3 exclusive… timed

Epic's ability to create games of AAA quality is unrivaled, making them a perfect partner for Streamline Studios digital content service. Unreal Tournament 3 will be the fifth next-generation that epic has worked in this generation.

Today a rumor has started that the much anticipated game which was previously announced on the Xbox360 and PC and later on the ps3 will be a timed exclusive on the ps3. More Details shall be unraveled at E3 this year.

"But just time-exclusive.
More info @E3 07.
Source: an old retailer, but his name will remain secret (hi Richard).
Thanks Orobi from Gaf"

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Loudninja6240d ago

Yet peopel has a problem with this one

JsonHenry6240d ago

I have a kick arse PC, so I will be getting this for the PC myself, but if I HAD to pick - which console to buy for?

It would be the PS3. Even though the PS3 version is going to have watered down graphics, the ability to play with a keyboard and mouse on a console would be too cool to pass up.

Loudninja6240d ago (Edited 6240d ago )

And thats that

kdawg2226240d ago

fine i guess.. more detailed a bit ? also this is one rumor i hope comes true. I have both systems but would want this on the ps3 as i have gears for my 360

AngryTypingGuy6240d ago

That's cool, but playing it on your PS3 won't raise your gamerscore!

Delive6240d ago

to the whole gamer score thing in the begining, but I noticed I was buying bull$#!+ games just to boost my score. That's when I started my 12 step program to get off the gamer score. I can now afford games I actually want to play for the game, not the score. If you played Turtles, Kingkong or Madden for the 360 for an easy 1000 points, you need the 12 step program.

eLiNeS6239d ago

rent there games, they don't buy them. I am not an achievement whore but if a game came out on all systems I would pick the Xbox 360 for the achievements (just to get more out of the game), the graphics, and quicker load times.

SlappyMcTaint6232d ago

UUhh, curiously, where does it say anywhere about any loading times whatsoever -let alone being "faster on the 360". Typical xbot FUD: minus a bubble for you.

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marison6240d ago

Unfortunatelly, I couldn't correct or even delete the story in time.

Evoluti0n6240d ago

Halo 3 is being released in September, the same time UT3 was supposed to be released for the 360. This MS's way of controlling just how much attention needs to be focused on Halo 3, I guarantee this is the reason.