AppSpy: Underwater The Game 2 Review

Underwater The Game 2 is a match 3 bejewelled-inspired take on the classic puyo puyo formula that is completely gesture based. Set in the bottom of the ocean, players need to match up like-coloured jelly fish as they fall from the top of the screen to uncover the image hidden in the background.

The game controls are all located in an action bar at the bottom of the screen where players have the option to move the jelly fish left or right, drop the jellyfish or shuffle the colours of the jellyfish. Players also have the option to use accelerometer controls (tilt, tap and shake) if they prefer. The game offers three different modes; Story Mode, Score Mode and Harvest Mode which should be more than enough content to please fans of the genre, although don't expect to find anything refreshing here if you've already spent many a late night clicking away at jewels.

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