AppSpy: Cartoon Wars Gunner Review

Cartoon Wars: Gunner is an action packed side scrolling shooting game where you play Captain J, a local hero and expert gunner who is looking for revenge after narrowly escaping death by hiding in the mountains when the King sent a pack of assassins out to kill you. Players must now fight their way back by gunning down all of enemies which stand in their path.

The controls are fairly basic and easy to use. There is a D-pad located on the bottom left corner of the screen for movement and an attack button located on the bottom right which players can tap to fire their weapon. Players can also switch between weapons by tapping on the weapon icons displayed on the top left of the screen. There are 16 different weapon upgrades and 10 different stats upgrades available for players to collect, however these upgrades are rather costly so its advised players should choose wisely before buying.

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