Is Second Life losing steam?

A Forbes Magazine report on Second Life shows signs that the much-hyped online game is dying a slow death despite receiving a virtually incalculable amount of gushing free publicity in the mainstream press since its launch in 2003.

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Saint Sony4229d ago

Its moving to live with new graphics.

nosmok4229d ago

any real gamer knows this anyways...
Dont know any real gamer whos spent more than 3 weeks on this pile of (o0(O0o).

iceice1234229d ago

Had steam to begin with? Never was interested in this thing for a second.

JasonXE4229d ago

like I'm the only person who never played/heard this game. I'm not that interested to try it either...

Excalibur4229d ago

Nah. It's still steaming. In fact the flies are taking a closer look.