Top 5 Upcoming PSP Exclusives in 2010

Despite the declining hardware sales, the PSP is getting a healthy dose of exclusive games this year, especially from Japanese companies.

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Raf1k13216d ago

Nice list of games. Looking forward to VC2 the most.

NateNater3216d ago

Not as great as PS3s amazing line up but there's still some pretty good games in there

ikkeweer3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

But the VC2 one I want for my PSP.
If I really like it I'll get VC1 on PS3.
Just not sure if I like that sorta game, and I think I may like it more playing it on a handheld.
My number 1 will be LBP though since I haven´t bought that yet.

tunaks13216d ago

I cannot wait for Birth By Sleep

Whitefox7893216d ago

well that's obvious judging from your avatar :D, but hey neither can I my friend I also want Peace Walker, VC2, and Lunar looks very interesting especially since it's a game made by Game Arts makers of my favorite RPG series Grandia

tunaks13215d ago

man the PSP getting all these great games! 2010 is really looking interesting for the PSP, but do you know if BbS got a USA release date yet?

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