Fist of the North Star - New trailer

Tecmo Koei published a new trailer showing some gameplay scenes from Fist of the North Star. Enjoy.

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reaferfore203279d ago

Looks pretty cool... my only problem is when you finish people off their whole bodies explode and disappear. It would be much cooler if their heads just exploded and the bodies at least remained for a little while.

WildArmed3279d ago

yeah de game looks amazing.
I had this song going in the b/g when i was watching it and I was like EPPIICCC

Chaos Striker3279d ago

I really hope they make the AI a lot more aggressive. It looks a bit too easy to pummel through all the henchmen at this point. However, everything else looks great!

hiyaku3279d ago


kewlkat0073279d ago

Is it me or every Japanese Trailer has the same "voice"?

I'll probably get this. The "Beatem Up" genre is so dead.

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