Michael Pachter gets his own show on Gametrailers

Michael Pachter, known for his ambitious remarks on the gaming industry, premieres his debut show today on Gametrailers called "Patch Attack."
"Pachter has broken free and is attacking the internet with his biggest winners and losers of 2009!"

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Bungie3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Oh Hellz yeah

Patch Attack is Awesome

better than HHGS :)

*Activate Bubble Shield*

lociefer3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

better be called patchers broken future ball, it seems theyr letting any1 host game shows nowadays, it dosent even matter if he dunno the difference between mario/luigi or if he's just talkin crazy *looks at hhg*

Darkeyes3216d ago

Biggest failure of 2009= Patcher's predictions of 2009.. Seriously the guy hardly got a thing right and what he got could even be predicted by a 3 year old.

Patcher is becoming a joke of the industry. Even if you tick all the answers Yes in an exam without seeing the question, you are bound to get more right than Patcher.

lowcarb3216d ago

I thought his little skit was pretty good. This guy might not always get it right but at least he doesn't come across like a total fanboy.

JoySticksFTW3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Only Patcher could fail so much and STILL get his own show.

WTF? leprechaun I tell ya...

Well, at least this helps explain why Gametrailers fails so much now


He even talks about biggest winners and losers of the year in this clip, and fails to mention Naughty Dog and UC2

I'm happy he talked about Batman:AA coming out of nowhere and blowing him away (which is great), but if that's the case I think inFamous and Demon's Souls needs to be in the discussion.

And to mention the following as winners of 2009...

-MW2 (without the "controversy" surrounding it) and
-Xbox Live Gold members (not because of superior online gaming, but for, twitter, and facebook - features that can be accessed on the other system)

Yeah, he doesn't seem at all knowledgeable about the game industry as he tries to make himself out to be

Props to him for fooling the world. I probably would too if I could and get paid. I'm just being a Hater I guess :)

TheDudeAbides3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )


Xbox fanboy in the right place

D4RkNIKON3216d ago

I hate Michael Pachter... He is most always wrong, and he is arrogant. Once I heard him talking down about GT5, he said that he isn't big on racing sims and that he doesn't see the point in driving a Porsche sim when he owns a real one. Not every one just has an extra porsche lying around..

BYE3216d ago

Just watched the show. It's badass!

Good thing Pachter doesn't take himself too seriously.

blue7xx73216d ago

Anything is better than the HHG show.

pippoppow3216d ago

Typical ill-informed internet bullhorn sputing wrong information and half truths. This guy hardly knows anything about gaming except for the business side of things. He also favors the Wii and 360 and everthing else doesn't matter to him or is discounted. GT keeps going down the hole of ineptitude.

Watch the Bonus Round at times depending on content and usually find their guests lacking especially Pachter. Even if he favored all platforms the same, he doesn't have enough gaming knowledge to host any show on any gaming web site. Except for GT apparently.

And people talk about HHG and this guy will get a pass. Funny.

Solidus187-SCMilk3216d ago


Digitaldude3216d ago

Lol more awesome predictions! Just what we need, more of patchy.

Koblec3216d ago

Pachter is a total douche. He doesn't even consider the PC to be a platform, and knows absolutely nothing about gaming.

baum3216d ago

He can't say Halo ODST was a big loser because he's focused on sales, and yet he can't say it was a winner because it sucked. He can't say Uncharted 2 is a big winner because it didn't sell like Halo, but he can't say it's a loser because it was GOTY all over.

BattleAxe3216d ago

Well, there you have it, Pachter is an Xbox Live Gold Member, so its no wonder he doesn't give any of Sony's games any praise.....

FamilyGuy3216d ago

At least it was short and sweet.
Can't believe he ignored Uncharted 2 like that though, while mentioning how hardcore gamers were winners last year.

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OpenGL3216d ago

You aren't the only one.

UnwanteDreamz3216d ago

Just what they need, a talking head.

pippoppow3216d ago

Gaming journalism - another point.

mastiffchild3215d ago

Me too, Thom, me too.It's damn poor show when this guy keeps getting more jobs through, seemingly, either predicting things wildly incorrectly or predicting things we already know will happen.

When you add in the fact he's a bit of a tit and(dunno why)seems to want to avois talking about Sony and PS3 games as much as he can-hell I'd prefer it if he hated on them properly but he usually gives it the cold shoulder/dumb insolence route instead. No U2 in Winners/Losers after it beat a juggernaut like MW2 to pretty much every GOTY announced so far? He just took his ineptitude up another notch. Well done Pach, I didn't think it was possible! Keep this level of not caring what's going on wth Sony and getting every big prediction wrong and there's prolly a job as head of SCEE in it for him too(as I don't think he's going to stop until he's truly omnipresent if people are going to keep rewarding his base crappiness with more and more cash for BS)!

And, yes, the guys an annoying tit to boot who you wouldn't want hosting a show even IF he ever said anything of interest OR got something right that wasn't already cast in effin' stone. Someone with half a brain and some talent could have that job-and that's the really sad thing.

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KingItachi3216d ago

Why thom I saw it it was ok come guys approve it. :)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

Seriously, I don't think Pachter knows anything about video games at all. His job consist in making random guesses that he never guess right... I mean, isn't this a well known fact by now? And now the guy has a space in one of the biggest gaming websites around? WTF?!!!111!!!

*Not too long he said: "Epic not happy with MS" and then Mark came and said: "Pachter should STFU because we are very happy with MS". I would be utterly ashamed if something like this happened to me.

Black_McGrath3216d ago

Really wtf is this? What do GT take us gamers for? Misinformed morons?

LeonSKennedy4Life3216d ago

The target market is not us.

It's "misinformed morons".

: )

pippoppow3216d ago

That is the sad truth of it. Look at what's been going on this gen. Dev lies, MS tactics and nonsense DLC. Yeah, I'd say they generally do not think much of gamers intelligence.