Mod Nation Racers Exclusive Beta Gameztraffic's Impressions

Gameztraffic writer Guesty81 takes a look at the 'Exclusive Beta' of Mod Nation Racing. The article looks at the available DLC and assesses the obvious comparisons with Mario Kart. The article features new screen shots of the custom content available such as Mario and Need For Speed Karts.

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Antan3286d ago

Will be fun once they optimize the framerate and long loading times, which the devs said is being fixed in time for release.

guesty813286d ago

Do we know if they'll keep the DLC that's already available in the beta for the full version? Ive grown attached to my Danger Mouse character lol!

Antan3286d ago

Pretty sure it will be a clean slate for release.

Raf1k13286d ago

The already cleaned up all the creations for the EU beta from the US one. I'm guessing they'll do it again for the release.

bilbobob3285d ago

I have played so far. I notice if you make a massive track with loads of mountains it runs out of memory to put stuff down when you select the auto selection to add its own scenery. Wonder if they will be able to balance that out more. It seems to cram loads in one place then leave the rest sparse. Hell dont get me wrong what it does do already is fantastic. I'm sh*t at doing scenery but that one function alone is great.

Unless i missed it, the option to make tunnels would be good.


mario kart x50 for a true next gen consol. good thing i bought my 32 inch vizio 720p baby, and got rid of my old azz standard def 19 inch. lol

djreplay3285d ago

Tunnels confirmed for full game but i cant find the link at the minute