Sony's Online Gambit

Kotaku's Brian Crecente interviews Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Marketing on the Online plans and goals of the Playstation Network.

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Odion4726d ago

Except that the 360 brought the ES4 expansion pack over live and katamari as well

uHuRu4726d ago

"Live Arcade offers something for people who want a certain thing," Dille said. "But a lot of the products you have seen on arcade are 'been there, done that', some feel like PC shareware practically. Our strategy was to develop games specifically for the PS3 that would show off our console."

most of XBLA games are old titles, just touched with HD resolution, online play and achievements.

PSN titles are designed specifically for PSN, these are games not retro titles reborn, these are completely new and original games, games like flOw, Calling All Cars, Warhawk, Socom: Confrontation, Tekken 5: DR online, LittleBigPlanet, Sky Blue, Aqua Vita. these games are developed specifically for PSN.

games like Warhawk, Socom: Confrontation, Tekken 5: DR online can even be sold on disc, these are full next gen games. XBLA cant offer games like Warhawk, Socom: Confrontation, Tekken 5: DR online. lol, there is a size limit on their service.

eques judicii4726d ago

For several reasons. Flow was a PC game first that was retrofitted with Motion Sensing Controls. Little Big Planet is not a PSN game, but a disc game with downloadable content + PSN multiplayer. Tekken 5:DR was an Arcade/PSP title before it made its way onto PS3. The only new thing for T5:DR is online play which is not new considering that xbox 360 already has downloadable fighting games that have online multiplayer (SF2, small arms, and mortal kombat 3 i believe, although no sure on mk3)

The other thing is that PSN does have retro titles, that's what PS1 downloadable games are... retro...

XBLA does have some PC ports but it too has many games that are unique/developed for the 360: GW:retro evolved, pac-man CE, band of bugs, mad tracks, cloning clyde, aegis wing, boom boom rocket, hexic HD, Marble Blast Ultra, Novadrome, Pinball FX, Soltrio Solitaire, Wik:Fable of souls, 3D ultra Mini golf, Totemball, and even UNO was made to use the camera. That's a good list of games that are unique/new and developed solely for the 360. Now, there is a cap on the file size which means that your online purchases will be smaller, which seems fine for this generation.

Sony has announced 2 games that should be full retail games but will be downloadable... This creates issues with DRM's and retailers (who are not going to sell as many units) I think this is a very risky undertaking for Sony and there could be severe backlash if its done too much...

Also, if sony is to be believed, next gen games are going to be 25 GB (That's why we need bluray afterall)... so if I buy that online I'll have to wait 5 days before I can play it... and if I get a new system what will happen to that $60 online purchase? what if the download gets corrupted, do I need to download it again... and wait another 5 days? What if I don't like the game... I won't be able to sell it on ebay/gamestop...

The nice thing about 5-10 dollar games is that even if I hate it, I don't feel like I wasted my money... If I buy a 60 dollar game that I can't return, I'll be very disappointed if the game sucks.

Lord Anubis4726d ago

Little big planet is a downloadable Game, after time it will be distributed on blu-ray as well with content created by the community (compilation)

SCEI pushes for innovative content designed for the system, that's what they have tried since they launched the system.

Also, a game simply doesn't become corrupt.

eques judicii4726d ago

i know about LBP... i apologized below... see my comment

and yes, a downloaded game can be improperly downloaded... if there is a disturbance in the stream to the console and a packet doesn't make it to intact then the game would be corrupted and need a redownload... not common, but it can happen

plus, sometimes firmware updates can corrupt files. Sometimes new firmware introduces something that isn't completely backwards compatible and can break other routines. This is something that all software companies (including my own) try to prevent, but it does still happen. Most of the time this gets fixed pretty quickly, but sometimes it doesn't... there are always bugs that and if its a rare problem based on your saved games then maybe only you will experience the issue. Remember what happened to the shivering isle's saved games if they went pass 100 hours? its that kinda thing.

All I'm saying is that bandwidths are much more reliable than before, but it still can hit the fan. I'd much rather purchase a small download than a big one... I bought half-life 2 from steam because my local store had the copies delayed... I can't play it anymore because the files became corrupted and it won't re-download... it does happen.

drtysouf214726d ago

but this is part of the reason PS3 is my favorite. Sony is bringing new things to the table. Pain, LittleBigPlanet, Warhawk, Socom, Playstation Eye and Eye of Judgement, Singstar. There is such a wide array of games coming that it will be able to satisfy all types of people no matter what types of games they prefer. I really can't wait to see what Sony has up their sleeves for E3.

LSDARBY4726d ago

I totally agree, theres very very few on XBLA that make use of the system. Wheras theres very few that dont on PSN

Maddens Raiders4726d ago

-- "While you could argue that games like Blast Factor, which plays in 1080p, and flOw, which supports the SIXAXIS motion controls, aren't really that different than games like Geometry Wars Retro Evolved, that argument starts to fall apart when you look at the Playstation Store's upcoming line-up which includes Warhawk, SOCOM: Confrontation and Pain." --

...well no I won't argue with that, and there's no arguing that SOCOM:Confrontation looks freakin' sick either!

Don't know much about PAIN yet.


power of Green 4726d ago (Edited 4726d ago )

Whats the limit for XBL?. I doubt XBL will only cater to small retro games in the future.

I do agree E3 will be unlike anything we've seen before i wonder who's going to take the show?.

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