The Return of PC Gaming

"In the mid 90's, the PlayStation 1 console was released, and he has been a hardcore gamer since then. Some may consider it to be a great leap for gaming. Long and behold, the release of the PlayStation 2 furthered the notion with better graphics, and classic sequels. Although those were great improvements, he craved a much more deeper experience."

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Nick2120043191d ago

I would say its on the decline but not "dead".

kaveti66163191d ago

PC performance of today is a tech demo for graphical performance of the next generation of consoles.

You should be grateful if the next generation of consoles are as powerful as gaming rigs of today.

Saaking3191d ago

It's in neither decline nor dead. It's very much still alive. It's just a certain group tries denying it's existence and popularity.

Megaton3191d ago

People have been saying PC gaming is dead for many, many years. The only thing in the industry declared dead longer than the PS3.

Nihilism3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

yep 12.7billion dollars in game sales in 2008 alone ( not including digital distribution ), pc gaming sure is dying alright


You morons, PC gaming will be alive long after console gaming disappears entirely.

Just an example of PC gamings ability to survive in the face of 3 other console platforms.

Bioshock sold more than 1 million copies on PC at retail, the actual figure with DD would be much higher, the total number of sales for that game were 2.2 million.

When PC exclusives like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 sell 12 million each, I'll gladly accept your apology for being so idiotic.

peowpeow3191d ago

Initially I thought PC gaming was on the decline, but now that I game regularly on PC I see it is stronger than ever =D

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DiffusionE3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

If PC gaming dies, then you can be certain that any graphical developments for games(on consoles) will cease immediately. So you'd better pray it doesn't die any time soon.

And FYI, PC is still the most popular gaming platform in the world. Google it, I don't have time to argue.

pippoppow3191d ago

Only 360 fanatics and self proclaimed console warriors in general ignore and downplay PC gaming.

Gamers have a choice based on their financial position and time constraints relating to the platform(s) supported and games to buy. No matter how hard some console crazies try and dismiss the PC platform it is a very viable option for many with perks included.

As stated above just wait till SC2 and D3 hit.